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Zebra Printers for Cvent OnArrive Software

The ultimate Cvent compatible printer solution

Need Zebra printers for Cvent OnArrive software? The Barcodefactory offers the printer and ticketing solution that will work with Cvent. We are experienced with hardware and badge solutions and have stock badges for the printers.

cvent compatible printer info

The list of Zebra printers below are approved for Cvent Software. It is important to note if you are connecting via Bluetooth to an iPad, the ZD500 will NOT work with Cvent software. For ios certified devices contact us. The ZD500 will work with the Ethernet connection to an Ipad with Cvent and The QLN series are your best option for Bluetooth connectivity. For tag or badge printing and we offer a stock products for both the QLN portable Zebra printers and ZD500 series.

With PC devices Cvent recommends the Zebra ZD500 with 10/100 Ethernet and optional cutter. OnArrive supports all Zebra Link-OS enabled printers, (see comments regarding ios devices versus PC), including the following model numbers:

  • •iMZ220
  • •iMZ320
  • •QLn220
  • •QLn320
  • •QLn220 Healthcare
  • •QLn320 Healthcare
  • •QLn420
  • •ZT210
  • •ZT220
  • •ZT230
  • •ZT410
  • •ZT420
  • •ZD500 (recommended)
  • •ZD500R


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