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DNP TR4085 plus Ribbon

bs5609 compliant labelSony DNP offers their popular wax ribbons TR4085plus®. It is the industry’s leading wax product that features their SmoothCoat® backcoat with a 4 Million Linear Inch Guarantee. The unique ink formulation of TR4085plus® dissipates static and is versatile enough to print on a wide variety of label stocks.

The BarcodeFactory features Sony / DNP ribbons for our stock SKU’s. How do you choose between a wax, wax resin, or full resin ribbon? The choice depends on your label substrate and your application. There are many grades of wax, from economy to resin enhanced wax, and equally many grades of resin.

Let us help you eliminate the confusion to find the right ribbon for your application by contacting us for more information or tell us about your project by filling out the form below. We will be happy to send sample test ribbons.
You can also select our search function on our thermal ribbon page.

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