A1861UBKBU101 - CipherLab 1861 RFID Reader

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CipherLab 1861 RFID Reader

SKU: A1861UBKBU101
Weight: 3 lbs.

Scanner Type No Scanner
Form Factor Handheld
Scanner Includes Cordless Kit [Cable]
Interface Bluetooth USB USB-A
RFID Frequency UHF

Product Highlights

CipherLab, 1861 RFID Reader Kit, Apple IOS And Android Capatible, Scanner Not Included in This Option, Includes: US Adapter, Micro USB Cable And 2 Batteries With Charger

CipherLab 1861

Industrial Handheld RFID Reader

With the rising trend of RFID technology driven by applications such as asset management and item level tagging in Warehousing, Distribution Center and Retailing industries. CipherLab thoughtfully developed the 1860 series to help enterprises smoothly adopt the RFID technology into the existing operations. CipherLab' s 1860 series provides strong RFID reader options to extend RFID reading and writing capabilities. Combining with versatile pairing that is compatible with existing mobile devices, users can simultaneously handle both RFID and barcode applications seamlessly.

Smooth Operation with Strong RFID Technology

CipherLab' s 1860 RFID handheld reader is carefully crafted to integrate RFID technology into your operation easily. Along with up to 5 m RFID reading range and Bluetooth® pairing versatility to existing mobile devices, the 1860 series also comes equipped with powerful software utilities for easy configuration and customization for user friendliness. More than just these advantages, its IP64 rugged design and custom mounts for different mobile devices also provide non-stop productivity and effortless one hand operation to produce results with comfort.

High Performance Independent RFID Reader

The 1860 series is a device to make RFID data collections easy and efficient. 1860 series has a long reading range from near contact to as far as 5 m (16.5 ft.) and write data up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft.) away. On top of that, it is able to simultaneously read manifold EPC Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) tags so workers can easily capture multiple data at one time. The human effort on tracking and managing every asset is therefore reduced to create maximum productivity for where RFID becomes the only feasible identification and data collection alternative.

Versatile Data Capture for Existing Mobile Devices

CipherLab's 1860 RFID handheld reader achieves versatile data collection with UHF RFID, 1D and 2D barcode capabilities. Unique from typical RFID readers, the CipherLab 1860 handheld RFID reader gives you extended RFID reading and writing capabilities via Bluetooth® pairing with user's existing mobile devices. The 1862 is specially equipped with Bluetooth® V4.0 dual mode which is growing in popularity and backward compatible with future and existing smart device. This ultimately means that there is no need for high-cost replacements.

Easy Configuration with Powerful and Value-Added Software

The CipherLab's 1860 RFID handheld reader is supplied with multiple configurators that complement business operations. It comes with EZSuite which is a comprehensive suite of intuitive software utilities including EZConfig, EZTransfer and EZEdit. EZSuite allows for simple configuration for the 1860 series based on user' s specific settings, such as connection interface, hot keys, tag data edit, convert and updates. Moreover, Development tools such as SDK for Windows® Mobile, Windows® CE and Android devices allow users to customize applications through various platforms.

Durable Designs Producing Non-Stop Productivity with Simple Operation

Extensively tested for durability, the CipherLab 1860 handheld RFID reader is able to meet challenges from harsh environments. It is rated IP64 and able to sustain multiple drops onto concrete from 1.5 m (5 ft.) plus 1,000 tumbles at 1 m (3 ft.). It offers continuous functionality regardless of harsh conditions with dusts and humidity or accidental falls onto rough surfaces. The CipherLab 1860 handheld RFID reader further ensures continuous productivity with effortless one hand operation. Just simply snapping your mobile computers or smart devices on its custom mounts attached to the 1860 handheld RFID reader, users could enjoy hassle-free and comfortable operation via a single unit.