adv-model300-l - Advent Model 300 Label Applicator

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Advent Model 300 Label Applicator

SKU: adv-model300-l
Weight: 145 lbs.

Applicator Style Stationery
Part Type Applicator
Applicator Type Automatic

Product Highlights

Advent Model 300 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive Standard Model with Wheeled Cart, Automatic Label Feed Activation

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Advent Model 300 Labeler

The Advent Model 300 Pressure- Sensitive Labeling Machine is unique when compared to other semi-automatic P-S labelers. With its ingenious design, air pressure and an electronic photoeye are not required in its operation. Air pressure on other machines is required to lift the container up to the point of label application and then down where it is removed. This raising and lowering of the container wastes time. Advent has chosen to apply the label from the bottom of the container and use the weight of the container to press on the label. This method saves application time and increases labeling speed considerably. On other machines, the label sensing switch senses the space between labels on the label web in order to tell the machine when to feed a label. Advent does not require this switch which enables it to apply butt cut labels along with die cut labels. The Advent Model 300 is 3-shift labeler. The 300 can easily label up to 10,000 containers in 8-hours. It can handle continuous operation and is backed by Advent's 2-year warranty.

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