ALR-9680 - Alien ALR-9680 Fixed RFID Reader
Alien ALR-9680 Fixed RFID Reader ALR-9680
Alien ALR-9680 Fixed RFID Reader ALR-9680
Alien ALR-9680 Fixed RFID Reader

Alien ALR-9680 Fixed RFID Reader

SKU: ALR-9680
Weight: 4 lbs.

Interface Serial Ethernet
RFID Frequency UHF

Product Highlights

Alien, Reader Kit, RFID Reader, 4 Port, UHF POE, Monostatic, Power Supply and Cord Included

Alien ALR-9680

Commercial 4-Port RFID Reader

Rapidly deploy RFID with the Alien® ALR-9680 commercial UHF reader with enterprise class 4-port flexibility and Alien reader "intelligence"
  • Feature-rich Alien Reader Protocol
  • 4 mono-static reader ports
  • POE eliminates cost of AC power drop
  • EPC Gen 2 dense reader interoperable
  • Slim form-factor for installation in height-restricted places
  • Manageable and upgradable

Simple, Low-Profile, Gen 2 RFID Solution

With Power-Over Ethernet (POE) and out-of-the-box software that is compatible with other Alien readers, the ALR-9680 is a simple, low profile solution that enables users to start reading tags and developing solutions immediately.

Easy Integration

The ALR-9680 communicates via the easy-to-use Alien Reader Protocol with key RFID platform support including Microsoft® BizTalk RFID, OatSystems, Oracle®, Xterprise and others

A well-documented SDK featuring .NET, Java and Ruby libraries enables development of custom interfaces to control the reader if desired. The user-friendly Alien RFID Gateway software enables solution development immediately.

Low System Costs

The cost of installing AC power can sometimes rival that of the reader. The ALR-9680's POE capability allows power to be delivered over properly-equipped local area networks, eliminating expensive AC wiring installation. A POE power injector is provided to supply power if POE is not available. The combination of this capability with up to 4 antenna significantly reduces the cost and complexity of installing an RFID read point.

Developer Kits

Developer Kits come complete with all the essentials to get started:

  • ALR-9680 reader
  • A circular polarized antenna
  • Software Developers Kit (SDK) (via download)
  • Universal power supply
  • RS-232 cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Sample tags
  • Convenient carrying case