A8214 - Avery Dennison 64-06 Barcode Printer

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Avery Dennison 64-06 Barcode Printer A8214
Avery Dennison 64-06 Barcode Printer A8214
Avery Dennison 64-06 Barcode Printer

Avery Dennison 64-06 Barcode Printer

SKU: A8214
Weight: 41 lbs.

Printer Type Horticultural
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
Interface Serial USB Ethernet Parallel USB-B
RAM Memory 64 MB
dpi (dots per inch) 300dpi
Core Size 3.00 inch
Printer Options Real-Time Clock
Max Media Width 6.0-6.9 inch

Product Highlights

64-06 Basic Generation 3 Printer, Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal, 300 dpi, Includes: new CPU board,64MB RAM, 4MB Flash, RTC, Ethernet, RS232 interface, Centronics interface, 2x USB A (host), 1x USB B (device), 1x CF card slot standard, with , near edge, 6.3"-7.3" max print width, 4-12IPS, 2D Bar Codes, parallel & serial, ribbon saver
Prints both
Thermal Transfer and
Direct Thermal

Avery Dennison 64-06 Printer

Power, speed, efficiency - performance3

Optimum supply chain management is vital if you are to survive in today's market. And to achieve it, efficiency, reduced costs and end-to-end traceability are required.

A professional label is the key to greater efficiency in the supply chain; but only if the label itself is produced efficiently.

Large quantities of labels with complex layouts and rapidly changing variable data present a particular challenge to the label printer: This is where speed, robustness and economy are of the essence.

High-performance that pays off High-performance thermal transfer printers from the 64-0x family are ideal for industrial applications that need to meet high demands.

Operating up to 20 times faster than competing products, the 64-0x thermal transfer printer always drives in the fast lane. Whether used to print bar codes, tags or production labels, this powerful machine is impressive thanks to several additional features that are critical when in constant industrial use.

The unique foil-saving mechanism delivers considerable cost savings. Thanks to swift data processing, these printers are even able to cope with large quantities of variable data and graphical elements. At the center of the extensive range is the high performance processor, complemented with a font and bar code library. This allows for essential performance features such as enlargement capabilities, two-dimensional presentation and the ability to rotate the scalable fonts almost entirely freely.

The 64-0x family will do your supply chain a power of good. Robust and reliable, it prints your labels just-in-time, just-in-sequence and with virtually no outages.

64-0x - perfect in every way!

Foil-saving mechanism

The printers of the 64-0x family ensure intelligent foil utilisation. From as little as 6 mm of print-free space, the foil saving mechanism significantly reduces material consumption and thus makes for dramatic cuts in your costs.

Extraordinarily economical

The 64-0x family allows you to draw on unlimited resources. A foil feed capacity of up to 600 m makes immediate savings and cuts setup times dramatically.

Trust in the dot check

A mature verification package (the standard dot check function and/or the optional online verifier) ensures reliable print results even with complex applications.

Practical and flexible

Technology can be so simple. Our modular concept allows you to use exchangeable accessories entirely flexibly.

Top quality, top efficiency

The 64-0x family delivers maximum quality printing results. The unbeatable data processing of the multitasking system and the print speed of up to 400 mm/s makes the family extremely efficient. The ribbon-saving mechanism lowers material consumption.

For high-performance applications

The 64-0x family is used wherever performance is vital - for instance for tractability or labeling for internal logistics and transportation.

Sondere Highlights: Benefits for yo

  • Top quality print results
  • Reduced material consumption thanks to ribbon-saving mechanism
  • Less downtime thanks to large material capacity
  • System compatibility with Ethernet and MLI emulation
  • High level of user-friendliness
  • Robust and long-lasting thanks to industrial quality design
  • Future-oriented: RFID can be fitted
  • Always in step with your production
  • Maximum efficiency