A1661C1SNUN01 - CipherLab 1600H Scanner

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CipherLab 1600H Scanner

SKU: A1661C1SNUN01
Weight: 1 lbs.

Connectivity Cordless
Scanner Type 1D Linear Imager CCD
Form Factor Handheld
Scanner Includes Cordless Kit [Cable]
Scan Pattern Linear
Scan Range Standard
Interface Bluetooth USB Micro-USB USB-A
Feature Healthcare Approved

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CipherLab, Cordless, 1661H Handheld Anti-Microbial Scanner, CCD, Bluetooth, IOS And Android Compatible, Includes: Rechargeable Battery, Micro USB Cable

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CipherLab 1661H Series

ANTIMICROBIAL protection series

Fighting Microbes While Delivering High Work Efficiency

In an industry where cleanliness is vital, the importance of helping prevent the growth of microbes is escalating. CipherLab addresses the needs of an AIDC application in a healthcare environment with its newly developed series of products with antimicrobial protection to resist the growth of odor-and-stain- causing bacteria.

CipherLab has developed a series of ergonomically designed mobile computer and scanners with antimicrobial technology - 8200H,8000H,1500H, and 1600H series - for convenient data access, data collection, and data transfer. AIDC instruments with antimicrobial protection not only speed up routine daily tasks but also inhibit the growth of odor-and-stain-causing bacteria.

The enhanced sanitary protection resulting from both antimicrobial protection and disinfectant-friendly housing inhibits the growth of bacteria that can cause odors and stains, and keeps the scanner cleaner between cleaning.

Antimicrobial Treatment Helps Reduce Microbial Growth

Unlike other devices claiming antimicrobial protection, which are often just coated with a protective film, CipherLab's antimicrobial protection series has the antimicrobial technology built into the product itself -  not just a coating that wears off with repeated use of alcohol wipes. Once bacteria come into contact with the surface, the biological function of the microbe is disrupted, interrupting the lifecycle and stopping the reproduction of bacteria. The antimicrobial effect is an intrinsic part of the device and it will not wear off during its lifetime. By minimizing the presence of microbes, devices are easily kept clean for use every time. There are less odors and stains resulting from microbial growth. These products with antimicrobial protection will have a lower average bioburden during their lifetime.

Disinfectant-Friendly Housing for a Clean and Hygienic Surface

Periodically wiping a device with alcohol can keep most surfaces free of microbes for a brief period. However, the repeated use of alcohol causes discoloration, corrosion, and other deterioration problems, which in turn can lead to hardware malfunction. The launch of the new antimicrobial protection series has an extra feature of disinfectant-friendly white housing that allows the antimicrobial treated surface to withstand repeated alcohol cleaning. Fewer replacements are needed, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

Antimicrobial Protection Series Overview

1661H Snappy Scanner Built for Comfort

  • Optional 1D and 2D barcode readers
  • Bluetooth interface for convenient data transfer to any Bluetooth device. The 3610 Bluetooth transponder simplifies pairing and enables real-time data transmission to any device for instant viewing.
  • The lithium-ion battery provides up to 40 hours of operation on a single charge. (The model with AAA-battery version is also available.)
  • Maximum 4 MB on-board memory stores over 240,000* barcode scans in batch mode.
  • The ScanMaster software enables easy data editing and configuration of symbologies, as well as tailoring the interface to suit individual work routines.
  • Recommended for point-of-care, medication dispensing, records management, lab results, and specimen tracking.

Caregivers Gain Time for Their Patients

Caregivers free up valuable time, allowing them to spend more time with their patients.

At the China Medical University Hospital (CMUH) in Taiwan, caregivers manually recorded patients' condition at their bedsides and then entered the information at the nursing station. This was very time consuming and often meant that caregivers were spending a great deal of time on paperwork. With the implementation of the CipherLab 8000 mobile computer, caregivers can now scan barcodes on a patient's wristband to instantly update their medical records. They are able to continuously keep track of a patient's symptoms on the terminal and upload this data via the communication cradle once back at the nursing station. The data can be instantly displayed on a laptop or a monitor for on-duty doctors to view. Thereafter, the time saved from the tedious paperwork can be spent with patients for better, more personal treatment.

Keeping Costs Down and Saving Time

Nursing homes in the Czech Republic gained accuracy and retrieved money on their billing system.

When the Czech Republic made the transition to a capitalist structure, medical billing was no longer covered by the state - patients had to pay for their healthcare. Nursing home staff billed patients by recording charges on hand-written forms and spreadsheet-based systems. This took time and often resulted in human error, which was not only worrying for patients but was costing the nursing homes money. With the introduction of the CipherLab 8001 mobile computer to scan barcodes on medical records and wristbands, patient information can be correctly documented with just a single scan. Now caregivers can store scanned data in the terminal and easily upload this data to the system when they are at their desks.

Accurate Treatment for Patients

With the right care being dependent on handwritten notes, the Taipei Veterans General Hospital decided to safeguard their patients against potential errors.

When Taipei Veterans General Hospital adopted the CipherLab small size 1600 Bluetooth scanners to record patients' information, there were numerous benefits. With its handy size, caregivers were given the mobility that they needed. By just scanning a patient's wristband, the caregiver can now see all physician notes, medication orders, and all relevant patient data directly on their tablets via Bluetooth communication. The displayed data enables caregivers to issue proper and accurate medical treatment to their patients. Once the patient has been treated, the caregiver can update the information on a tablet or notebook, and use the wireless communication to update the HIS system. This ensures that all patient information is kept up to date at all times.

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