A2220UBDM0001 - CipherLab 2200 RFID Scanner

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CipherLab 2200 RFID Scanner

SKU: A2220UBDM0001
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Connectivity Corded
Form Factor Handheld Presentation
Scanner Includes Corded Kit [Cable]
Scan Pattern Area
Scan Range Standard
Interface USB USB-A

Product Highlights

CipherLab, Corded, 2200 Scanner, Plus UHF, Color: Black FREQ 902-928 MHZ, US, Includes: Dual USB Cable, Locking Mount

CipherLab 2200 Omnidirectional Presentation Scanner

Built specifically for the retail, hospitality and transportation industries, CipherLab has designed the 2200 series omnidirectional presentation scanner to create a fast and reliable workflow. CipherLab 2200 series is able to deliver fast quality scanning with all angles covered to accelerate the efficiency of data collection. Along with dedicated design of durability, users can simply install and operate freely at the space constrained environments without any worries of device failures from accidental drops. Moreover, the 2200 series offers additional easy to use features to empower users’ working capabilities and efficiencies.

CipherLab 2200 series is your answer to boost service satisfaction and loyalty. CipherLab has combined affor dability and valuable features to provide efficient solutions. This device’s adjustability brings along maximum flexibility for awkward scanning angles. Additionally, the 2200 seriesgives you the advantages of different configuration modes which allows your staff to reliably scan and read barcodes and RFID while simultaneously update inventory control systems. All the while, empowering you with the ability to deactivate anti-theft systems, relieving your cost and use of additional deactivators. Ultimately, your business will cut down on customer wait time and enhance your customers’ overall experience. CipherLab 2200 series will allow you to fully take advantage of customer satisfactionand build customer loyalty to the max.

Fast Quality Scanning with the Angles Covered

CipherLab 2200 series has an accelerated scan rate of a snappy 60 scans per second. This high-speed scan rate allows reliable scans of 1D, PDF417, and 2D barcodes instantly. No matter if you are scanning an item from a supermarket or paper/mobile boarding pass at a transportation counter, the 2200 series has got your angles covered. Capable of reading low contrast barcodes down to 25% PCS, users can freely scan barcodes that are poorly printed or on reflective surfaces of labels and LCD screens, minimizi ng customer wait t ime. Barcodes o n dark backgrounds, co upons and loyalty cards , regardless if it’s from mobile phones or not, are al l simplereads for Cipher Lab 2200 ser ie

Flexible Installation with Adaptable Trigger

CipherLab 2200 series’ compact size (150 X 83 X 80 mm) makes it the best choice for high performance operations with limited space. Bei ng extremely lightweight at 320g, you may lock the scanner onto horizontal or vertical surfaces by using the optional locking mount brackets, allowing a hands free working environment. With an integrated adjustable stand, the 2200 series can bend forward up to 40 degrees and backwar ds up to 15 degrees to scan bar codes in awkwar d angles. With this flexibili ty, users no longer need to wrestle with scanning difficult packages in hard to reach angles.

Moreover, the energy efficient 2200 series maintains in presentation mode which the LED remains dim unti l it detects a barcode coming through. When a large size item which can’t be placed in the scanning location, users may activate the trigger and scan the item lik e a handheld scanner.

Customizable Configuration Fit for Different User Demands

The 2200 series’ standard model allows for easy 2D barcode scanning. In addition, it comes with additional models built with UHF RFID and EAS for users to choose from based on preferences, applications and environments. With the UHF RFID model, users are capable of instantly reading the RFID tags, up to a 20 cm reading range, and updating the inventory control system with speedy communication. Moreover, users can choose the EAS model, which can deactivate the anti -theft systems by simply scanning the barcode on the item or label. With this benefit, it eliminates the need to purchase additional deactivators. The integrated EAS support can also eliminate missed tags, erroneous alarms and embarrassed customers to simplify the checkout process.

Additionally, CipherLab ScanMaster, a comprehensive soft ware tool that configures the scanner to your specific needs, can be easily customized to configure additional d ev ices based on your setting preferences. Empowering your staff with abili ties of the 2200 series is as easy as ever

Well Protected Durability

The CipherLab 2200 series comes with an IP52 rating, which fully protects against water drops from frozen /cold items. It can withstand multiple drops from 1.5 m on to concrete with a communication cable. Its durable design prevents device failures from accidental drops and bumps from various applications such as point of sale, baggage drop-off points, boarding gate, etc. With the CipherLab durable designs, your oper ation can run smoothly without any worries