Cub brand bar code scanners

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Cub Scanners

The scanner supports all global standard 1D barcode symbologies. Its reading performance reaches and exceeds global standards.

The Cub CS-9203 is a general-purpose hand-held and hands free scanner for 1D barcode scanning, suitable for most barcode scanning needs. It is durable and Easy to Operate with many user friendly operations.

The Cub CB-9202 is a handheld/hands free barcode scanner. Powered by the serial cord this scanner is designed for applications for use with a Cub keyboard display unit or a cub printer stand alone application.  

Features a rugged, durable design and is loaded with high-performance features, including an ARM7 32-bit high-performance processor, built-in LED scan indicator and programmable beeper, and 2048-pixel CCD array.
Cub Scanners