1000062888 - Datalogic Axiom Scanner

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Datalogic Axiom Scanner 1000062888

Datalogic Axiom Scanner

Datalogic Axiom Scanner

SKU: 1000062888
Weight: 1 lbs.

Connectivity Corded
Scanner Type 1D Laser
Form Factor Hands Free On Counter Fixed Mount
Scanner Includes Scanner Only [No Cable]
Interface Ethernet

Product Highlights

Datalogic Automation, Corded, Axiom-X Scanner, 2-Laser High Density

1D Barcodes

Datalogic Axiom


The AXIOM bar code readers are designed with industrial and manufacturing applications in mind. Housed in a rugged IP65-rated enclosure, the reliable AXIOM offers high-speed scanning up to 1,400 scans per second. The AXIOM 1L (one-laser version) is designed for use in manufacturing applications with a fixed depth of field and shorter read distances. Where product size and/or positioning varies significantly, the AXIOM 2L and 4L (2 and 4-laser versions) provide accurate bar code reading at distances up to 72 inches.

All AXIOMs require a universal wiring base and plug-in scan head. The scan head is available in a high-density version for high-speed scanning in fast moving applications.

Sophisticated technology that's easy to use

Although technologically advanced, AXIOM is designed for easy setup and operation. AXCESS setup software provides a familiar user interface, enabling you to configure readers without the need for onsite service. Simply connect to AXIOM via setup cable or on-board Ethernet connection. Specify valid bar codes, groups, and patterns. Define your I/O-including built-in trigger and tach signals and up to four solid state relays. When complete, download your application settings to the reader and you're ready to go.

Built-in Parameter Storage Modules store the AXIOM operating parameters in both the scan head and wiring base. In the event replacement ever becomes necessary, just replace the scan head, and the correct parameters are installed with the push a button.


  • Up to 1400 Scans per Second:
    Ensures the highest possible read rates on good and poor quality codes
  • AXCESS Software:
    Powerful and intuitive interface
  • Flexible Connectivity:
    • EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP standard
    • Serial and I/O standard
    • Insulating cover in wiring base provides on-hand, easy to use wiring information
    • DRX decoding technolog


  • Postal/Parcel sorting and trackin
  • Automated warehousing identification system
  • Airport baggage sorting system
  • Cargo applications
  • Receiving / shipping system


  • Modular Scan Head and Wiring Base:
    • Simplifies installation
    • Reduces repair/replacement downtime
  • Parameter Storage Modules:
    • Simplifies replacement, no need to remember operating parameters
    • Store parameters in scan head and base
  • Scanning Over 1, 2, or 4 Read Zones:
    • No focusing required, no dead zones
    • Maximum depth of field