DLR-SLED01-US - Datalogic 2128P RFID SLED - Memor 10

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Datalogic 2128P RFID SLED - Memor 10

Weight: 2 lbs.

Form Factor Handheld
Interface Bluetooth USB NFC
RFID Frequency UHF

Product Highlights

Attachable RFID Sled, For Datalogic Memor 10, UHF Reader, 2128P, ePop-Loq Wired System, US, Required: Active ePop-Loq Case (AH-SLED01) and Charging Cradle (CC-SLED01), Includes: Battery Pack

Requires: CC-SLED01 Datalogic Memor RFID Charging Cradle

Requires: AH-SLED01 Datalogic Active ePop-Loq RFID Case for Memor 10

Datalogic Memor 10 2128P RFID SLED

Hand Held UHF RFID Reader for the Memor 10 PDA

Maximize Your Inventory Accuracy

When performing inventory tasks with 2128P the accuracy level is at its highest and provides a reliable stock status that helps customers to make the right business decisions.

Top Performance RFID Tag Capture

Designed to provide the best-in-class performance for quickly reading large numbers of UHF RFID tags, the 2128P reader boasts improved levels of accuracy and RFID read/write performance. All items within range are read simultaneously. In-reader Tag de-duplication software removes duplication of tag reads, thereby improving reading performance and facilitating data flow. Sophisticated user feedback and embedded processes and accelerometers provide the most configurable, in-depth and capable ‘search and find’ features currently available

Ultra Secure Data Gathering

As the ePop-Loq system provides a wired connection between the Memor 10 and 2128P RFID Reader, sensitive data can be given that extra level of security by avoiding the use of Bluetooth data transfer.

The 2128P Handheld UHF reader supports batch data collection and is equipped with a Micro SD socket and a real time clock. Up to 500 million transponder EPCs can be stored on a 32 GB Micro SD card. This provides the ability to collect and log data even if USB or Bluetooth communication channels are not available.

Easy to Use

Thanks to a set of software applications the use of 2128P reader is simplified: RFID Explorer, RFID Tag Finder, RFID Scan Scan Write.

Easy to Recharge

The 2128P Charging Station allows charging of both the 2128P UHF RFID Reader and the Memor10 attached via the active ePop-Loq case. The recharging operations are simplified and speeded up without the need to disconnect and recharge the two objects separately.

Easy to Attach and Detach

The ePop-Loq allows a fast and reliable way to attach and detach to the Memor 10 and it is designed to safely separate when the reader is subject to large impacts, such as when dropped.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides a larger, fixed high gain antenna for up to 9 m / 29.5 ft of read range
  • In-reader Tag de-duplication software
  • The integrated ePop-Loq socket allows for data and charge connections
  • Flat landing contact pads, allowing for quicker docking and greater durability
  • Bluetooth Version 4.2 technology
  • Supports both Bluetooth Classic as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity
  • Can be operated in Serial Port Profile (SPP) or Human Interface Device mode (HID)
  • LED indicators on the rear side of the antenna
  • Direct USB Connection for Ultra secure data gathering
  • Equipped with a Micro SD socket and real-time clock
  • Supports automatic re-connect mod
MSRP: $2450.00
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