GD4132-WHK1 - Datalogic Gryphon GD4132

Datalogic Gryphon GD4132

SKU: GD4132-WHK1
Weight: 2 lbs.

Scanner Type 1D Linear Imager
Interface Serial USB Wand Emulation

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Datalogic, Gryphon, D4132-WHITE, 1D Multi Interface, Color: White, USB Kit, Includes: USB Cable

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Datalogic Gryphon GD4132


The Gryphon™ product series from Datalogic represents the premium level of data collection equipment for general purpose applications. The Gryphon I linear imaging readers provide advanced reading performance and decoding for a wide variety of applications. The Gryphon GD4132 readers’ ability to capture bar codes from near contact to over 1.0 m / 3.2 ft increases productivity and improves ergonomics for users. A wide scan angle reads very wide codes and renewed decoding capabilities increase throughput on hard-to-read, poor or damaged codes.


Datalogic’s exclusive patented ‘Green Spot’ for good-read feedback directly on the code is ideal under dim lighting conditions or noisy environments. The Green Spot, together with the fast reading and decoding capabilities make the Gryphon I GD4132 readers the best choice to improve productivity in retail and office environments, hospitals, pharmacies, light industrial, warehouses and manufacturing plants.


The Gryphon I GD4132 readers offer a choice of two sets of multi-interface options: USB, Keyboard Wedge, RS-232 and Wand Interfaces (IBM46XX available with accessory cable). The interface set offers configuration flexibility and is easily adapted for migration or future changes to the host system. Remote Host Download lowers the service costs and improves operations allowing for hassle-free field upgrades while the desktop Datalogic Aladdin™ configuration program provides user-friendly features that simplify the start-up procedure, especially for inexperienced users.