937600063 - Datalogic Matrix 300N Scanner

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Datalogic Matrix 300N Scanner

SKU: 937600063
Weight: 1 lbs.

Connectivity Corded
Scanner Type DPM
Form Factor Hands Free On Counter Fixed Mount
Scanner Includes Scanner Only [No Cable]
Scan Pattern Area
Scan Range Standard
Interface Serial Ethernet
Feature Scan Feedback

Product Highlights

Matrix 300N 452-040 LQL-9 WHT Wide PoE

Direct Part Marking

Datalogic Matrix 300N

High Resolution Sensor and Ultra-Fast Image Acquisition

The Matrix 300N is a ultra-compact image based barcode reader purpose-built for superior performance on high speed and Direct Part Marking (DPM) applications.

With a high resolution sensor and ultra-fast image acquisition at 1.3 megapixels/60 frames per second, Matrix 300N is the next-generation, compact imager in the Matrix family. The optical system incorporates a liquid lens module for electronic focus control. As result the reader offers automatic focus adjustment without the addition of moving parts.

The integrated illuminator is embedded over the entire front surface of the reader. This innovative design allows for bright and uniform illumination of the bar code. The lighting design uses both bright field and dark field patterns, resulting in optimal illumination on normal, etched, reflective or textured surfaces. Moreover polarized models are available for 90°mounting or extremely reflective surfaces.

With exceptionally small physical dimensions and rotating connector, the Matrix 300N can be easily integrated into the tightest spaces.

Additionally, the M12, 4 pole connections sets a new standard for easy integration into existing systems for the OEM industry.

In addition to its compact, flexible design, the Matrix 300N offers cost-effective communication options with Power over Ethernet (POE) connectivity through a standard Ethernet connection.

The Matrix 300N is the most cost effective solution for bar code imagers, providing onboard PROFINET-IO and ETHERNET/IP and eliminating external communication boxes or converters.

The Matrix 300N interfaces directly with a PROFINET or ETHERNET/IP enabled PLCs, reducing the complexity and cost of solutions.


  • Ultra-compact dimensions
  • High performance DPM reading
  • Liquid Lens Dynamic Focus Control
  • Integrated dual illuminator: dark field/bright field
  • Fast and high resolution image sensor
  • Power over Ethernet Option and onboard PROFINET-IO
  • Extreme Industrial grade: IP67 Industrial grade for harsh environments, 0-50°C operating temperature
  • Polarized model available for reading over reflecting surfaces
MSRP: $3363.00
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