937401034 - Datalogic Matrix 410N Scanner

Datalogic Matrix 410N Scanner

SKU: 937401034
Weight: 3 lbs.

Scanner Type 2D Area Imager
Connectivity Corded
Form Factor Hands Free On Counter Fixed Mount
Scanner Includes Scanner Only [No Cable]
Scan Pattern Area
Scan Range Standard
Interface Ethernet

Product Highlights

Datalogic Automation, Corded, Matrix 410 600-010 UXGA-BS-CM-ETH-STD

Datalogic Matrix 410N

Fixed Reader Info

Matrix 410N is an industrial 2D imager for traceability applications in material handling and logistic environments.

Matrix 410N is equipped with a ultra-fast image sensor, scanning at 2.0 MPixels, with a frame rate of 45 fps.

Ethernet connectivity is embedded, including standard communication services (TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP) and the most common industrial fieldbuses, as PROFINET IO, ETHERNET/IP, MODBUS TCP.

Matrix 410N is flexible, easily configurable as single device reading station or in a multiple device layout, in order to scan over larger areas or multiple sides.

Matrix 410N offers image saving functions for reading cases review (as No Reads). Up to 3.000 images can be stored on board or transfer to an external FTP clients.

Matrix 410N is "ease of use": the DL.CODE software enables graphical setup and supports in-line monitoring functionalities, including live image display, reading statistics and diagnostics.

The embedded laser aimer and the patented Green Spot - projected into the scanning area - permit to user a quick scanning area determination and to easily acknowledge a reading without any external accessory or software.

Features and Benefits

  • Patented ultra-fast strobed lighting with stable effect for operator
  • Patent Pending Packtrack 2D for short object gapping in sortation applications
  • Embedded Ethernet connectivity, with common protocol support: PROFINET IO, ETHERNET/IP, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP.
  • On board image storage saving, up to 3.000 image (scaled).
  • External connection box with parameter back up memory and display
  • Single reading point or multiple device in cluster, through simple configuration
  • Laser pointing system, good read Green Spot, focusing aiming system
  • Remote, web-based Web Sentinel supervisory software with image archiving database


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Distribution and Retail
    • Manual Presentation
    • Small Objects Sorting
    • Totes content scanning
  • Warehouse
    • End of line, Carton/objects, single or multi-side scanning
  • Automotive
    • Part traceability in assembly
  • Pharmaceutical distribution
    • Automated storage/retrival
    • Automated Order fulfilment/validation