PHD20-2243-01 - Datamax 600dpi Printhead (H-4606)

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Datamax 600dpi Printhead (H-4606) PHD20-2243-01
Datamax 600dpi Printhead (H-4606) PHD20-2243-01
Datamax 600dpi Printhead (H-4606)

Datamax 600dpi Printhead (H-4606)

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Select By Printer Datamax H-4606
dpi (dots per inch) 600dpi

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Datamax Thermal Printheads

How does Honeywell Original Equipment Media save me money?

Media may be sourced globally with several formulations of raw materials, and when combined may appear functional, but over time will create excessive wear.

Honeywell maintains a world-class lab that measures critical components such as:

  1. Tensile strength and tear resistance to ensure durability
  2. Adhesive bond strength to prevent edge lift after the product is applied
  3. Opacity of the face-stock for optimal sensor performance to ensure consistent feeds
  4. ANSI Grade A verification to verify that each and every code is reliable

This high standard of performance is measured with our printer’s core component, the printhead. We can guarantee the life of the printhead because it is co-engineered with quality right out of the box.

Why Printheads Wear Out

When the media is fed past the printhead, small resistor elements (dots) on the printhead are electrically charged and thereby heated. The heat from the dots is transferred to the direct thermal paper or the thermal transfer ribbon so as to form the dot pattern which makes up the text, images, or bar codes.

Printhead wear-out is an inevitable process which applies to all thermal printers regardless of brand. During printing, the dots must be heated and cooled off very rapidly, which in combination with mechanical abrasion sooner or later will wear out the printhead, making the printout gradually weaker. Some dots may even cease to produce any imprint.



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