C31CH77A9971 - Epson ColorWorks C6500P Inkjet Label Printer [Gloss]

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Epson ColorWorks C6500P Inkjet Label Printer [Gloss]

SKU: C31CH77A9971
Weight: 81.6 lbs.

Printer Type Color
Print Technology Inkjet
Interface Serial USB Ethernet
dpi (dots per inch) 1200dpi
Core Size 3.00 inch
Printer Options Peeler
Max Media Width 8.0-8.9 inch

Product Highlights

Epson C6500P ColorWorks Gloss Label Printer, 8-Inch Print Width, 1200 DPI with Variable Drop Sizes, 5 IPS, 3-Inch Core, 6-Inch OD, Ethernet/USB/Serial Connectivity, Gloss Black Ink Prints on a Wide Variety of Substrates (see the C6000 Series Ink Description for further information), Compatible with Windows®, Mac®, and Linux - Includes: Peeler


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Introducing the Future of Mission Critical Label Printing

The new Epson ColorWorks series label printers, engineered for demanding applications, are revolutionizing both monochrome and color label printing with rugged reliability you can count on, delivering dependable, commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks and enhanced productivity.


Epson is expanding its range of on-demand color label printing with the introduction of ColorWorks C6000 series printers with matte black inks. The result of Epson proprietary ink innovations, this new matte black ink creates crisp, sharp black text and images on matte label media.

ModelPrevious SKU (Obsolete)New SKU (Gloss)New SKU (Matte)
CW-C6000A 4" printer w/ autocutterC31CH76101C31CH76A9991C31CH76A9981
CW-C6000P 4" printer w/ peelerC31CH76201C31CH76A9971C31CH76A9961
CW-C6500A 8" printer w/ autocutterC31CH77101C31CH77A9991C31CH77A9981
CW-C6500P 8" printer w/ peelerC31CH77201C31CH77A9971C31CH77A9961



Epson offers the first color inkjet printer with peel-and-present capability, which can help speed up the manual application of on-demand labels. An integrated label-taking sensor holds off subsequent printing until the previous label is removed. This feature is ideally suited for fully automated label application systems. This unique capability eliminates the need for a loose loop and allows individual labels to be taken as soon as they are printed.

Auto Cutter

With a 4" or 8" built-in auto cutter covering the full spectrum of label sizes to create variable-length labels and enable easy job separation, these new ColorWorks models offer cost and inventory reductions compared to using pre-printed labels.

High-quality Printing

Epson-engineered PrecisionCore® TFP® printhead technology delivers ultra sharp text and precise barcodes. It also produces varying droplet sizes that, coupled with a 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, can produce a huge gamut of vibrant, accurate colors, smooth gradations and fine image details. So, whether the challenge is to produce complex informational labels or high-quality product labels, the CW-C6000 series is up to the challenge.

ESC/Label and ZPL II Interface Languages

ZPL II capabilities allow you to experience the advantages of Epson inkjet technology without reprogramming existing systems. ESC/Label command extensions can be added to unlock the power of color. Leverage color for color-coded fields, product pictures, logos and marketing messages to improve overall business processes and brand image.

Remote Management Tools

Epson made the CW-C6000 family for large-scale enterprise environments. To support these high-volume scenarios, a wide range of remote management tools are available. These allow IT and support teams to remotely monitor the status of large fleets of printers, generate email alerts on items needing attention, remotely deploy firmware updates, set up complex network environments, and view or modify settings from any computer browser or Android or Apple powered smartphone.

General-purpose I/O Port

Designed for mission-critical production, all CW-C6000 family printers come equipped with a general-purpose I/O port. This gives automation developers all the control they need to seamlessly integrate the printer into their automated workflow. The port provides all the necessary information on supply levels, status, faults and readiness. Inputs enable users to pause, clean and print.


  • Reliability you can count on - engineered by Epson for demanding applications; backed by industry-leading service and support
  • First printer specifically designed as a color upgrade to black-and-white thermal transfer printers - with similar media handling capabilities, speed, features and connectivity options, all at a comparable price point
  • Enhanced Productivity - Eliminates the need to pre-print; speeds up to 5-inches per second; fast time to first label
  • Astounding Image Quality - Up to 1200 dpi resolution with various droplet sizes; crisp images comparable to pre-printed labels
  • Seamless Integration - Compatible with ZPL II, major middleware, SAP, Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Remote Printer Management - For managing large fleets over the network
  • Applicator I/O Control Port for Automated Workflow - Supports I/O commands; can be integrated into nearly any workflow
  • Low Cost - Comparable to existing thermal transfer printers
  • Durable, High-Quality Labels - Meets BS 5609 certification
  • CW-C6000P and C6500P - the first color inkjet label printer with a peel-and-present option
  • CW-C6000A and C6500A - auto cutter included