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Formax FD 2006IL AutoSeal System

Weight: 90 lbs.

Part Type Pressure Sealers

Product Highlights

Formax FD2006IL System, Print, Fold & Seal In-line, Color Touchscreen Control Panel, Document Security, Form Capabilities, Printer Compatibility, Alignment Base, Z, C*, Half and Custom Folds, Fault Detector, Dedicated Use, Six-Digit Resettable Counter
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The FD 2006IL AutoSeal® allows operators to print, fold and seal pressure-sensitive one-piece mailers in one step, reducing processing time while increasing document security. The IL System works in-line with model-specific MICR and non-MICR desktop laser printers. The fully-enclosed paper path is designed to conceal confidential documents, including PIN notices, checks, school grade reports and health care information.

Standard features include a color touchscreen control panel with internationally-recognized symbols in place of text, fold plates that are easy to set and adjust, and drop-in top feed system, all in a compact and sleek desktop design. Fold plates are pre-marked for standard folds for 11” and 14” form sizes, and can be easily adjusted for custom folds. Fold types include Z, C, Uneven Z and C, Half and custom folds.

The IL Alignment Base joins the FD 2006IL with the laser printer, and has an easy-pull design which allows the printer to be pulled away from the pressure sealer, providing convenient access to the paper path and fold plates.

Built in the USA with proven Formax technology, the innovative touchscreen, simple set-up and operation, the FD 2006IL is ideal for companies processing sensitive documents or those looking for a mid-volume in-line solution for processing pressure seal forms.

Operating Features

  • Color Touchscreen Control Panel: Graphics-based and designed for easy, walk-up use
  • Print, Fold and Seal: One-step process eliminates excess document handling
  • Document Security: Enclosed paper path from printer to pressure sealer ensures security. Ideal for PIN notices or other confidential applications
  • Form Capabilities: Processes forms up to 14” in length
  • Printer Compatibility: Designed to work with a variety of printers. See specifications below.
  • Installation: Easy to install, no software required
  • Alignment Base: Special alignment base holds the printer and pressure sealer securely and slides apart for easy access to paper path and fold plates
  • Fold Types: Z, C*, Half and custom folds
  • Fault Detector: Detects double feeding and any faults
  • Dedicated Use: Designed for in-line use only
  • Six-Digit Resettable Counter

Easy to Operate

The AutoSeal® IL System is easy to install. An IL-compatible desktop laser printer (see Specifications, below) is placed on the IL Alignment Base with the FD 2006IL pressure sealer using placement guides to ensure proper alignment. The IL Alignment Base incorporates an easy-pull system which allows the printer to be pulled away from the FD 2006IL to provide convenient access to the paper path and fold plates.


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