86411-U - Fargo HID Global Asure ID 7 Solo Software Upgrade
Fargo HID Global Asure ID 7 Solo Software Upgrade 86411-U
Fargo HID Global Asure ID 7 Solo Software Upgrade 86411-U
Fargo HID Global Asure ID 7 Solo Software Upgrade

Fargo HID Global Asure ID 7 Solo Software Upgrade

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HID Global, Asure ID, Software Upgrade Asure ID V5.X To Asure ID 7, Asure ID Solo V5.X To Asure ID 7 Solo

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Fargo HID Asure ID

Intuitive, fast and efficient

It's hard to believe this is ID card software.

The one program for all printers

Asure ID® 7 works with card printers from many different manufacturers. Just by switching to Asure ID 7, you can upgrade to a much easier, efficient and effective ID card production system and extend the investment in your current hardware.

Powerful tools in a friendly package

Asure ID 7 changes the paradigm of how ID card personalization software looks, feels and performs. An intuitive user interface and simplified processes make ID card template design and data entry extremely easy. Behind the friendly interface, Asure ID 7 is a productivity powerhouse with tools and capabilities to support the most sophisticated ID card applications. Whether you're new to ID badging or a power user, Asure ID 7 helps you design and produce ID cards and other secure credentials with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Productivity has never looked better

The Asure ID 7 user interface is based on the latest version of Microsoft® Office or Windows® ribbon, including tab-driven navigation with convenient tools and fly-out control palettes.

The new Asure ID 7 user interface provides a dramatic speed boost to designing cards and entering cardholder data. Everything you need to design and populate a card is right in front of you, and routine tasks - such as capturing or loading a photo, or adding a digitized signature - can be performed with a couple of mouse clicks. You can also auto-enhance a records photo during the photo acquisition process. A data entry center with configurable on-screen layouts lets users set up an efficient data entry sequence independent of how the data appears on a card, or is structured in a database.

Databases demystified

For many users, the included Asure ID 7 internal database is all they need to store card templates and cardholder information. But with Live Link you can also print card data from external databases such as HR, security or ERP systems. In addition, Live Link enables administrators to link photos directly from a local folder, and create a friendly naming convention enhancing the convenience and flexibility of Asure ID 7. The Live Link Wizard sets up real-time data exchanges with a few mouse clicks.

At print time, Live Link accesses and delivers the data that populates the external data fields on each card.

Search - made quick and easy

In situations where time does matter, the Quick Filter search option provides fast wildcard searching on any field in the active database. The Quick Filter can be set by the administrator to automatically appear when an operator logs in to simplify the data entry experience. The Global Find function extends this convenience over all databases and templates linked and managed with Asure ID 7, providing a powerful tool for enterprise and card service bureau environments.

Data entry streamlined

In addition to simplified card design and database connectivity, Asure ID 7 also provides a fast and efficient way to enroll thousands of cardholder records into the database. Offering many standard views to create records - such as viewing in a table, carousel or as a single record - the configurable data entry center also lets you control how data is sequenced and entered, which greatly improves the speed and throughput of enrolling cardholders

Easily edit and manage data

In order to manage large databases, DataView can be used to edit and manage data independently from a card design, enabling users to define and switch between different designs by record.

Making everyday work simple

To empower users for daily tasks, Asure ID 7 offers various functions, such as card void, print counter and reports, associating printer with template, loading last template at start-up, saving custom colors, and more.

It does simple, it does complex

Asure ID 7 comes in four editions with increasing levels of sophistication. So whether you're making simple photo IDs or issuing highly secure smart card credentials, Asure ID 7 fits your needs.

Asure ID 7 Solo provides an enhanced user experience for photo ID card design and data entry. Card data fields can be populated from the internal Microsoft Access® database.

Asure ID 7 Express adds features such as compound data fields, batch printing and conditional design and print rules. It can connect to an external Microsoft Access database or else use the import/export wizard to pull record information from Microsoft Excel®. Asure ID 7 can also help increase credential security by limiting access to modules within the software, utilizing roles-based login rights.

Asure ID 7 Enterprise offers expanded database connectivity and networking for enterprise-class card issuance. It works with Microsoft Access and SQL databases and supports ODBC import. The Enterprise edition can work with multiple tables within a single database. This edition also adds in HID interoperability with biometric enrollment using Lumidigm fingerprint sensors.

Asure ID 7 Exchange is designed for the most sophisticated secure credential applications. It adds Oracle®, MySQL®, LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory database support and works with multiple tables within multiple databases. And its iDIRECTOR® encoding and management module improves smart card deployment and development. iDIRECTOR manages card memory, loads multiple smart card applications, such as time and attendance, and graphically personalizes the card in one seamless process. It's support of the iCLASS SE® open encoder platform enables end-to-end security, control, and flexibility of physical access control solution (PACS) credentials. For example, issuance to a FARGO® card printer with an embedded iCLASS SE encoder allows you to create, encode (read/write), and manage PACS credentials on-site, streamlining your ordering, inventory management, and issuance processes. In addition to supporting iCLASS Seos, iCLASSSE, and HID PROX, iDIRECTOR supports a variety of other card types. To complete the solution, pair the management of the PACS credential with the optional ability to register card data into a PACS solution directly from Asure ID. This can also take the form of a barcode or mag-stripe card element. Asure ID is tightly integrated with over 25 leading access control systems.

HID's Asure ID Exchange Card Issuance Software and its associated Software Development Kit (SDK) provide an intuitive laser configuration module for simplified setup and maintenance of the HDP8500LE Laser Engraver.

The laser configuration module's intuitive interface enables management of data and visual security elements to be printed, encoded and engraved into a credential - all in one unified card template. Asure ID saves users the hassle of setting up two separate card templates in different applications - one enabling laser engraving and one enabling printing/encoding/laminating. With the unified template, time to issuance of secure credentials is greatly decreased.

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