EL-90000-SSA2 - HID Fargo EasyLobbyeAdvance Annual Maintenance

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HID Fargo EasyLobbyeAdvance Annual Maintenance EL-90000-SSA2
HID Fargo EasyLobbyeAdvance Annual Maintenance EL-90000-SSA2
HID Fargo EasyLobbyeAdvance Annual Maintenance

HID Fargo EasyLobbyeAdvance Annual Maintenance

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HID Global, eAdvance Annual Maintenance Per Copy, Includes: Upgrades And Updates

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EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) 10

HID Global’s EasyLobby® Secure Visitor Management (SVM™) software provides comprehensive, enterprise-class visitor registration, badge printing, as well as tracking and reporting of visitors, contractors, and employees. The system also provides tracking and reporting for assets and packages. The system also provides tracking and reporting for assets, packages, and lost and found items.

EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management software is the ideal solution for processing visitors – including scanning an ID, record creation, issuing a secured credential or printed badge, checkin and check-out, and watch list screening. In addition, EasyLobby SVM™ offers multiple, programmable security alerts delivering critical notifications on-screen or through email.

EasyLobby SVM software is flexible, easy to install, learn, and use, and can quickly scale to a network of hundreds of stations, all running on a central database.

With dynamically updated grid views, the EasyLobby SVM screen shows the current status of visitors, packages and assets. Additionally, the ability to create reports and run queries is available through the use of a broad range of pre-defined Crystal Reports, with a wizard for creating custom reports as needed.

Enterprise-Class Solution For All Your Visitor Management Needs

More for Your Application:

  • Scale with ease – Quickly grow from a single workstation to hundreds of connected EasyLobby SVM stations through a shared central database (SQL Server or MSDE).
  • Improve security – Account for visitors as well as employees in an emergency situation and meet growing compliance mandates requiring visitor audit trails and reporting.
  • Enhance the professionalism of an organization – Streamline the visitor check-in process by electronically scanning an ID and capturing detailed information with easy-to-use drop down menus to display a heightened sense of awareness and provide a great guest experience.
  • Identify unwanted visitors – Create internal watch lists and use external databases to screen against unsolicited visitors, such as government-denied parties and sex offenders.
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