R61210320-2 - HID Fargo Omnikey 6121 Contact Smart Card Reader

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HID Fargo Omnikey 6121 Contact Smart Card Reader R61210320-2
HID Fargo Omnikey 6121 Contact Smart Card Reader R61210320-2
HID Fargo Omnikey 6121 Contact Smart Card Reader

HID Fargo Omnikey 6121 Contact Smart Card Reader

SKU: R61210320-2
Weight: 0.25 lbs.

Magstripe Track NA
Part Type Reader
Reader Type Fixed
Interface USB USB-A
Minimum Order Quantity 100
Compliance TAA Compliant

Product Highlights

HID, Eats Omnikey, Minimum Order Quantity 100, 6121 SIM Sized Contact Smart Card Reader, With Avr Chip, TAA, Gsa, FIPS 201. No Drop Ships
TAA Compliant

OMNIKEY Contact, Contactless and Multi-Interface Readers

A Simple, Efficient User Experience

Forward-thinking companies are progressing to a passwordless world, and HID is steps ahead with trusted authentication solutions like the OMNIKEY portfolio. Sophisticated options facilitate easy and seamless authentication with a card, phone or wearable. With the simple wave of a credential, people gain efficient access to applications all day long (e.g., parking lots, EV charging, buildings, smart lockers, elevators, turnstiles, vending machines, secure printing, etc.).

Versatile, Grow-With-You Integration

Access is always evolving, and verification technologies must offer flexibility layered with fortification to meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges head on. The OMNIKEY platform is designed to pivot and grow with organizations — pairing software and services with maximum flexibility and modification capabilities to protect digital workplaces as they evolve.

Omnikey Desktop Readers

The OMNIKEY readers support strong authentication for physical and logical access. The product family offers contact and contactless versions enabling various usage options (e.g., mobile access, mobile wallet, contactless, etc.). HID readers support credentials in Apple Wallet and allow third parties to create secure endpoints.

Contactless Readers:

  • Support a large range of high and low frequency credentials stored in a card, in a wallet on the phone or even within a wearable.
  • Integrate easily in logical access environments.
  • Offer options for fat, thin and zero-client environments.

contact Readers:

  • Can be suitable for certification authorities for both government and enterprise applications.
  • Come in a variety of sizes, some with a dongle-size, contact-only reader and SIM-sized cards.
  • Can read and retrieve highly secure one-time passwords (OTP) from Seos® cards.