CN75AN5KCF2A6110 - Honeywell CN75 Mobile Computer

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Honeywell CN75 Mobile Computer CN75AN5KCF2A6110
Honeywell CN75 Mobile Computer CN75AN5KCF2A6110
Honeywell CN75 Mobile Computer

Honeywell CN75 Mobile Computer

Weight: 2 lbs.

Form Factor Phone-size
Scanner Type 2D Area Imager
Scan Range Standard
Operating System Android
Interface Bluetooth GPS Wireless LAN
IP Rating IP67
Durability Rugged
User Input Touchscreen 28-Key Numeric Keypad
Screen Resolution 480 x 640
Features Microphone Non-Incendive Camera GMS

Product Highlights

Honeywell, CN75A, Numeric, EA30 Standard Range, Camera, 802.11ABGN, Bluetooth, Flex Radio, GPS, Android 6 GMS, All Languages, Non-Incendive, FCC

IP67 Rating
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Honeywell CN75

Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer


The Honeywell CN75 and CN75e mobile computers offer the versatility customers demand, providing the choice of a Windows or Android operating system on a single device to meet changing enterprise business demands. The no-compromise design is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core, multi-engine processor with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Flash, offering the highest degree of future-proofing capability.

Specifically designed for mobile field service workers who need power and performance in a compact form factor, the Honeywell CN75 mobile computer offers the perfect balance of ruggedness, duty cycle and ergonomics while providing unparalleled versatility. The CN75e device offers the same power-packed computing but with a larger keypad design, making it ideal for delivery environments where workers may be wearing gloves or have more data input intensive applications.

The CN75 and CN75e mobile computers deliver unparalleled reliability with smart battery technology that provides enough power to last a full work shift, eliminating dead batteries and downtime. The CN75 and CN75e mobile computers are also equipped with a high-performance imager that provides fast and accurate barcode scanning capabilities even in low-light scanning environments, with unmatched motion tolerance to eliminate costly delays in scan-intensive applications.

The no-compromise design extends to radio connectivity, as well. The wide-area solutions feature a Flexible Network voice and data WWAN radio that operates on networks worldwide, offering switch-on-the-fly network selection capability and eliminating the need for multiple pools of devices dedicated to one network.

The CN75 and CN75e mobile computers' no-compromise design provides the power and performance required by today's mobile field service and transportation workers.


  • Supports Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating systems for flexible application support and migration.
  • Flexible radio technology provides optimal network coverage and a superior solution for implementing least-cost routing strategies.
  • Withstands 2.4 m (8 ft) drops to concrete, 2,000 (1 m) tumbles and has an IP67 seal rating against rain and dust.
  • Advanced barcode imaging technology with motion tolerance for snappy scanning and white illumination with laser aiming for high read rates.
  • Full compatibility with printers, application software, communications and a complete set of peripherals and accessories, enabling a comprehensive enterprise business solution.
MSRP: $3449.00
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