IF2B010014 - Honeywell IF2B Fixed RFID Reader

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Honeywell IF2B Fixed RFID Reader IF2B010014
Honeywell IF2B Fixed RFID Reader IF2B010014
Honeywell IF2B Fixed RFID Reader

Honeywell IF2B Fixed RFID Reader

SKU: IF2B010014
Weight: 1 lbs.

Connectivity Corded
Scanner Includes Scanner Only [No Cable]

Product Highlights

Honeywell, IF2B, Reader, RFID, Corded, Additional Memory, 1 W 915, FCC, (Must Order Power Cord/Supply Separately)

Honeywell IF2B Network Reader

The Honeywell IF2B is a compact, cost-effective network reader designedto support diverse RFID applications in both enterprise and industrialenvironments that require a scalable RFID system with a low cost per readpoint. The IF2B is based on an Honeywell-designed radio frequency (RF)platform that offers best-in-class read performance and includes supportfor Honeywell’s exclusive Advanced RFID Extensions (ARX), helpingcustomers achieve a new level of visibility to the identification of RFID tagsfor greater accuracy of reading tags of interest over readers utilizing lessversatilecommodity chipsets.

Packaged in a small and lightweight, yet durable enclosure, the IF2B issuited for nearly any environment, including industrial warehouse andmanufacturing operations and enterprise environments for asset andinventory management applications.

With a focus on keeping the cost of ancillary equipment and installationlow, the IF2B Network Reader includes features that reduce the costs andcomplexity of the overall solution. Not only does the low-profile enclosurewith integrated mounting slots allow the IF2B to be easily installed invirtually any environment, the IF2B also supports Power over Ethernet(PoE) for scalable deployments without the cost of adding electrical dropswhere AC line power is not available or practical. An optional DC converter isavailable to support conventional wall power. Either power method supportsthe full RF output power capability of the IF2B (up to 30 dBm).

Because the general purpose input/output (GPIO) circuitry can be powereddirectly through either PoE or the DC power converter, the IF2B allows fordirect monitoring and controlling of peripherals such as presence detectorsand signal lights without requiring extra devices and power supplies tofacilitate the connection.

Further reducing installation and equipment costs, the IF2B’s four antennaports can be configured to transmit in either mono- or bi-static mode,increasing the flexibility of the system to achieve the best results for theapplication and environment. A variety of antennas from Honeywell’sextensive product line supports diverse applications, versus integratedantenna readers that include one type of antenna and limit the flexibility ofapplications and deployment.

Reduces System and Deployment Costs forLarge and Small Installations. The IF2B isa compact, cost-effective network readerdesigned to support diverse passive UHF RFIDapplications in both enterprise and industrialenvironments. The IF2B supports Power overEthernet, four mono- or bi-static RF ports,built-in powered general purpose input output(GPIO) control, and both standards-basedLLRP and easy-to-use Basic Radio Interface(BRI) application interfaces, enabling scalablelow-cost deployments for improved return oninvestment (ROI). The IF2B is packaged in adurable enclosure for nearly any environmentand is factory configured to operate in regionsacross the globe.