1400G2D-2USB-1-N - Honeywell 1400g

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Honeywell 1400g

SKU: 1400G2D-2USB-1-N
Weight: 1.1 lbs.

Connectivity Corded
Scanner Type 2D Area Imager Omnidirectional
Form Factor Handheld Presentation
Scanner Includes Corded Kit [Cable,Stand]
Scan Pattern Area
Scan Range Standard
Interface USB USB-A
Compliance TAA Compliant

Product Highlights

Honeywell, Voyager 1400G, USB Kit, Omni-Directional, 1D, PDF417, 2D, Black, Assembled in Mexico, TAA Compliant, Replaces 1400G2D-2USB-1, Includes: Scanner, Rigid Presentation Stand (STND-19R02-002-4), USB Type a 1.5m Straight Cable (CBL-500-150-S00)
TAA Compliant
2D Barcodes
1D Barcodes

Frequently Bought Together

Honeywell 1400g

Single-Line Laser Scanner

The Voyager 1400g upgradeable scanner lets you ramp up to area-imaging at your own pace - and in the most cost-effective way. Buy the 1D version today and reserve the option to affordably upgrade the device to enable PDF and 2D barcode scanning at any point in the future, as your data capture needs evolve.

Across many industries, 2D barcoding is becoming the new standard. Not only is it possible to hold much more data in a 2D code, but government regulations and supplier mandates are requiring their adoption.

Enterprises are also looking to leverage emerging trends that require area-imaging technology - today or in the near future -  without the need to purchase additional scanning hardware, or settle for reduced scanning performance.

The Voyager 1400g wired scanner allows enterprises to embrace area imaging at their own pace, and in the most cost-effective way.

The Voyager 1400g scanner delivers omnidirectional reading of linear barcodes, plus the ability to affordably upgrade the devices to enable PDF and 2D barcode scanning - either at the time of purchase, or as your data capture needs evolve.

And for those who only need the ability to read linear and 2D barcodes, the Voyager 1400g is an ideal solution.

By excluding additional area-imaging features such as advanced image capture and processing applications, Honeywell can keep costs down while still offering aggressive linear and 2D scanning at an attractive price.

The Voyager 1400g scanner, along with our gun-shaped Voyager 1450g (wired) and 1452g (wireless) scanners, are an excellent value for enterprises that require the versatility of area-imaging technology today or may need it in the future.


Reliable Data Collection : Offers omnidirectional reading of virtually all linear barcodes and the most widely used 2D barcodes, including poor quality codes.

Go Beyond 1D Barcodes: Unlike traditional laser scanners, the 1D version of this scanner can read barcodes omnidirectionally. That makes it ideal for presentation scanning.

Mobile Phone Reading: Supports your mobile marketing programs by scanning coupons, mobile tickets and digital wallets from the screens of mobile devices.

Future Proofed : Provides an affordable upgrade path to 2D scanning at any time. A simple software license upgrade is all it takes.