IDWA-336312 - ID Tech EzWriter Card Reader

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ID Tech EzWriter Card Reader IDWA-336312
ID Tech EzWriter Card Reader IDWA-336312
ID Tech EzWriter Card Reader

ID Tech EzWriter Card Reader

SKU: IDWA-336312
Weight: 4.05 lbs.

Magstripe Track 1,2
Interface USB
Features MSR MagStripe Reader

Product Highlights

ID Tech, EZ Reader/Writer, USB, Track 1/2, Hi-Lo

Full-Featured Magnetic Stripe Reader-Writer

For Reading, Writing, and General Card Issuing Operations

Precision Writing on MagStripe Cards

The ID Tech EzWriter™ performs encoding, reading, and verification of three tracks of MagStripe data in a single swipe. A high-resolution tachometer accurately positions the encoding, surpassing the ISO 7811 standards for new cards. Users can choose data density for each track, with options of 75 or 210 BPI. The software allows for the selection of high or low coercivity. Additionally, an LED indicates the operation status of the device.

Heavy Duty and Long Life

Comprehensive guides and a card slot with substantial depth guarantee precise alignment and registration of cards. The low-force design of EzWriter ensures a seamless and effortless card swipe, extending the operational life to over 1,000,000 card swipes. The die-cast housing provides durability and optimal stability during both reading and writing operations.

WorkShop™ PC Software

Workshop™ stands as ID Tech's PC software utility designed for Windows. It encompasses both standard and numerous customized options for the reading and writing processes on a MagStripe card. In a single window, users can view the format selections for reading and writing on each track. Default options are provided for straightforward and accurate setups when encoding ISO, AAMVA, or other formats. The software supports database and file operations. Additional user-friendly features include track erasing, card data comparisons, and sequential data writing. Communication with the EzWriter is facilitated through either an RS-232 or a USBRS232 serial COM port interface.

Features and Benefits:

  • Reads and writes MagStripe cards, tickets, badges, and passbooks in a single swipe
  • Reads and writes up to 3 tracks of information and any combination of 210 or 75 bpi densities
  • EzWriter provides 1 million read & write operations minimum for heads, tachometer, and electronics
  • Workshop™ software is easy to use & guides the user quickly through the reading and writing processes
  • Easily configures the unit to Hi or Low coercivity by changing a software setting only
  • Die cast housing provides durability, stability and maximum life
MSRP: $967.88
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