IDKE-534833BE - ID Tech SecureKey Keyboard Card Reader

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ID Tech SecureKey Keyboard Card Reader IDKE-534833BE
ID Tech SecureKey Keyboard Card Reader IDKE-534833BE
ID Tech SecureKey Keyboard Card Reader

ID Tech SecureKey Keyboard Card Reader

SKU: IDKE-534833BE
Weight: 0.7 lbs.

Magstripe Track 1,2,3
Interface USB USB-A
Features MSR MagStripe Reader
Color Black

Product Highlights

ID Tech, SecureKey M130, USB-KB, Enhanced Encryption Format, 15 Key, 3 Track, Black

Encrypted Key Pad with MagStripe Card Reader

Full Functionality & Compact Size

The SecureKey™ M130 is a secure keypad integrated with a MagStripe reader, providing retailers with a comprehensive and dependable security solution. This intelligent reader not only enhances reading performance but also encrypts sensitive MagStripe and keyed-in data, thereby minimizing the PCI-DSS scope. By ensuring end-to-end protection, the SecureKey™ M130 safeguards all data transactions, effectively reducing the risk of fraud and data compromises. Through data encryption, cardholder information is shielded from unauthorized access during storage or transit. Additionally, users have the flexibility to select a decryption party according to their preferences. The SecureKey™ M130 supports TDES and AES data encryption through DUKPT key management.

Security Management

Every SecureKey™ M130 is given a distinct serial number for tracking purposes. The encrypted data output, along with confirmation data in clear text form, can be customized up to the initial six digits and the final four digits of the account number. To enhance data protection, the SecureKey™ M130 offers multiple operational security levels, enabling users to choose the security profile that best suits their application.

Simple Installation

The SecureKey™ M130 comes in both USB/Keyboard and USB/HID interfaces, offering versatile installation choices. Additionally, the SecureKey™ M100 is an alternative option, encompassing all the features of the SecureKey™ M130, except it lacks the MagStripe reader.

Features and Benefits:

  • Supports TDES and AES encryption algorithms
  • DUKPT key management
  • Supports encryption of magstripe card data and manually keyed-in card numbers
  • Keys are a comfortable size with good tactile feel
  • Powered through USB port, no external power supply required
  • Provides two lines by 20-character LCD backlit display
  • Card readers have a one million card operations life
  • Certified key injection service available