IPJ-IE-1-YEAR-MONZA-70 - Impinj ItemEncode Subscription

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Impinj ItemEncode Subscription IPJ-IE-1-YEAR-MONZA-70
Impinj ItemEncode Subscription IPJ-IE-1-YEAR-MONZA-70
Impinj ItemEncode Subscription

Impinj ItemEncode Subscription

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ItemEncode 1-Year, 1-Machine, 70% Monza Subscription

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Impinj ItemEncode

ItemEncode 50 Million Monza Encode Key (included with a 1-year subscription)

ItemEncode 50 Million Non-Monza Encode Key (included with a 1-year subscription)

Impinj ItemEncode is a flexible software system that boosts the speed and data quality of RAIN RFID encoding machines while lowering labor and operating costs.

ItemEncode includes 5 part numbers: an annual subscription, the 50M Monza encode key and the 50M non-Monza encode key. Customers with active annual subscriptions are entitled to additional encoding keys upon request.

Optimal Performance for High-Speed Encoding Machines

Optimized for the creation of high-speed encoding machines, ItemEncode software uses a pipelined configuration of Speedway readers to reliably write data to RAIN RFID tags at speeds up to 9,500 tags/min.

ItemEncode Benefits

Fast Tag Fulfillment - Enables a machine to encode up to 9,500 RAIN RFID tags per minute

Fail-Safe Encoding - Allows encoder to verify data encoding and triggers actions on tags with encoding issues

Reduced Operation Cost - Requires less labor, power and floor space than machines using alternative encoding solutions