310-SUB-AVH1AD - Ivanti Avalanche Mobile Device Management

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Ivanti Avalanche Mobile Device Management 310-SUB-AVH1AD
Ivanti Avalanche Mobile Device Management 310-SUB-AVH1AD
Ivanti Avalanche Mobile Device Management

Ivanti Avalanche Mobile Device Management

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Ivanti, Avalanche or Avalanche Mobility Center Enterprise Mobile Device Management Annual Subscription, Powered by WaveLink

Ivanti Subscription Solutions Minimum Contract Length - 36 Months

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Ivanti Avalanche

Mobile Computer Mangement Software

The supply chain gets more competitive all the time and demands on your business keep increasing. Ensuring your workers can achieve maximum productivity is more important than ever. You're pressured to achieve 5% improvements in operational productivity year after year. Do your mobile workers have everything they need to get more done? Wavelink Avalanche is a proven solution from a trusted partner that generates results for some of the largest, most demanding supply chain enterprises in the world.

Powerful Control of Your Devices

Your MDM shouldn't limit your choice of mobile devices. Avalanche opens your selection of rugged mobile computers to form factors ranging from handhelds to tablets, to wearables, and more. Device-specific Android enablers offer the same deep level of unique features you've come to expect in your existing Windows Mobile/CE deployments.

Full Management of Devices and Apps

Take full control over company-owned devices. With Full Device Management mode in Android Enterprise, oversee passcode enforcement, and software installs. Silent app pushes and enterprise app store deployment is easy.

Lock Down Devices into Single Apps

Enforce an extended range of security policies, and deploy devices in a “Kiosk-mode”. Android Enterprise Dedicated Device mode locks devices into only the worker- or customer-facing app you want them to see.

Update Devices on Your Schedule

For some businesses, it's easiest to schedule device updates to take place during off-hours. For others, it's easier to push updates as each device checks in. With Avalanche, you have the flexibility to update the OS and apps when it's best for your business.

Deploy Apps Faster

Need to update those applications running in the field? Automate the build process so you can make changes and deploy in minutes.

Secure Content in Work Profiles

Work Profile Mode in Android Enterprise makes it easy to deliver and manage corporate data. Content and applications are kept separate from personal data, where it is secured and managed.

Manage Segmented Workgroups Easily

Need to update the Picking application your warehouse workers use? Select the necessary workers and deliver the updates they require to be more productive.

Scalability to Grow with Your Business

Avalanche is long recognized for single-customer distributed deployments of more than 100,000 devices. Reduce strain on your network with our highly de-centralized design.

Ready for Today's and Tomorrow's Tasks

Gain insights into utilization, compliance, and risk throughout your mobile fleet. Enhanced dashboards and reporting available for Avalanche offer software and configuration compliance reporting. You gain increased visibility and the insight you need to take appropriate actions.

Enhanced Device Restrictions

Whether you need to disable camera use, blacklist certain applications, or implement a number of enterprise–grade capabilities, you're in control. IT administrators have a wide selection of security, data capture, and other device-specific controls at their fingertips.

Centralized Remote Control

You've been convinced of the value of remote control for years. Your existing Windows Mobile/CE deployments have used it for years. Remote control significantly reduces downtime and gets your workers back on task quickly while avoiding “no fault found” support tickets. With integrated Smart Device Remote Control, Avalanche continues to deliver that fast issue resolution for your Android deployments.

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