IF8-INT-UPG - ID Flow Intro Edition Upgrade

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ID Flow Intro Edition Upgrade IF8-INT-UPG
ID Flow Intro Edition Upgrade IF8-INT-UPG
ID Flow Intro Edition Upgrade

ID Flow Intro Edition Upgrade

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Jolly Technologies, ID Flow Intro Edition, Upgrade (From an Earlier Edition)

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Jolly Technology ID Flow Software

ID Flow is Jolly Technologies's industry leading ID software solution for the management and production of secure photo ID cards. As the software of choice for Fortune 500 companies, municipalities, K-12 schools and universities, ID Flow is perfect for organizations of all sizes. Built around an advanced record management platform that can integrate with existing HR systems and featuring a powerful card designer and an easy-to-use card production center, ID Flow provides unmatched productivity and fexibility.

Available Versions of Id Flow Software:

  • ID Flow Intro [ IF8-INT ] Photo ID Card Software for Small Organizations

  • ID Flow Standard [ IF8-STD ] Photo ID Card Software for Small-to-Mid Size Organizations

  • ID Flow Professional [ IF8-PRO ] Photo ID Card Software for Corporations and Institutes

  • ID Flow Premiere [ IF8-PRE ] Photo ID Card Software for Large Organizations

Complete Photo ID Solution

  • Use one of the pre-configured databases or connect live to your existing HR database
  • Design professional photo ID cards in the Card Design Center
  • Add text, logos, graphics, photos, signatures, biometrics, 1D and 2D barcodes and a magnetic stripe
  • Enroll, lookup and manage cardholder records in the easy to use Card Issue Center
  • Customize the enrollment process, optionally capture photo, signature and biometrics
  • Format and arrange fields on the record entry screen with drag and drop tools
  • Update records in real-time across multiple systems
  • Automatically capitalize data or apply other formatting

The ID Flow Advantage

Getting Started Is Easy

Create new cards in minutes using the new card design wizard. Configure card production by selecting a pre-congured profle.

Seamless Integration

Directly connect to any existing database via a live connection and integrate with existing HR, ERP, and access control databases without any importing, exporting or mapping of data. Print cards in the background from a third party or web application using the command line utility.

Easy Card Production

Quickly enroll new cardholders, capture photo, signature and biometrics, lookup and manage existing records and print ID cards one at a time or in batches using the Card Production Center.

Unmatched Design Tools

Design professional photo ID cards using the feature-rich design tools found in the Card Design Center. Automatically remove the background from photos and signatures, create your design using layers, use transparency effects, include 1D and 2D barcodes and a magnetic stripe. Add conditional elements that will only print when record conditions are satisfied.

Enhanced Security

Password protect design files, create user accounts, and define user roles to make printing and data management secure.

Feature Highlights

  • Design cards using powerful graphics and layout tools
  • Add text, graphics, photos, 1D and 2D barcode, magnetic stripes, watermarks and a lot more to the card design
  • ink the card design to any database, file based, server based, LAN / WAN, or ODBC / OLE DB in real-time
  • Add, delete and modify database information using the integrated database editor
  • Customize record screen with drag and drop tools
  • Capture photos from any TWAIN / WIA compatible camera and improve image quality using the integrated image editor
  • Capture photos using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS, XSi or T1i digital camera
  • Filter, format, and preview record information before card printing
  • Print UV layers for added security
  • Encode SmartChips and Contactless cards
  • Conditionally print card design elements based on record values
  • Design multiple card layouts within one template using conditional layers; automatically print appropriate card based upon database criteria
  • Search easily for specific cardholder information from thousands of records
  • Batch print groups of cards using a simple selection tool
  • Import and export records and photos
  • Add, manage and print ID cards using the simplified Card Issue Center
  • Background print from 3rd party applications and web sites via the Command Line utility with optional XML interface
  • Integrates with your access control system: Lenel, AMAG, S2, Brivo and more