LT8-PRE - Lobby Track Premier Edition

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Lobby Track Premier Edition LT8-PRE
Lobby Track Premier Edition LT8-PRE
Lobby Track Premier Edition

Lobby Track Premier Edition

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Jolly Technologies, Lobby Track Premier Edition

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Jolly Lobby Track

Innovative Visitor Management Software

Lobby Track is the world's leading visitor management and member tracking system, allowing organizations to register, badge and track groups of people at their facilities. Centralized management, networked data-sharing and reporting makes it easy to deploy across multiple stations and locations. Allow visitors to self register and check in and out at unattended kiosks.

Perform automatic, immediate background checks for enhanced security. The open data architecture allows easy integration with existing access control systems, HR databases and Active Directory.

Complete Tracking Solution

  • Track visitors, employees, students, members, contractors or any other group of people
  • Pre-register visitors online
  • Customizable self-registration kiosk mode with photo capture, NDA and other optional steps
  • Check against local watch list or perform online background check
  • Print expiring paper badge or plastic ID card
  • Add to access control system
  • Check in or out by swiping mag stripe or scanning barcode
  • Lookup records by entering personal information and print replacement cards
  • Calculate and export time and attendance data
  • View or print emergency evacuation reports
  • Create detailed logs, reports and charts

The Lobby Track Advantage

Visitor Management

Keep track of all visitors entering your facilities easily with Lobby Track's visitor pass creation and record-keeping capabilities. Create professional visitor passes, pre-register visitors online and run in kiosk mode for efficient self-registration.

Student Attendance

Lobby Track offers all of the necessary tools to manage student records, issue ID cards and track student attendance. Take class attendance by scanning ID card, mark students as absent or tardy. Automatically generate detailed attendance reports.

Membership Management

Track all members, staff, and contractors. Check in personnel by scanning badges and IDs and create logs for each group. Use charts to visualize peak facility usage hours and locations.

Time and Attendance

Each check-in and check-out event is logged. Capture additional information such as project, job and accounting codes. Lobby Track automatically calculates hours and attendance for each person. Export the data for use with your existing payroll system.

Entry / Exit Tracking

Control and monitor access to your facility. Configure flexible access rules, manage multiple groups of people, issue temporary or permanent ID badges and integrate with existing access control systems.

Professional Card and Badge Design

Design professional photo ID cards and visitor badges using an integrated version of Jolly's card design suite, ID Flow.

Feature Highlights

  • Scan driver's license, ID cards, and passports for fast and reliable data entry
  • Integrate with existing HR and access control systems
  • Use with mobile barcode scanners
  • Open and close turnstiles
  • Lookup host information in Active Directory / LDAP
  • Run in normal or unattended kiosk mode
  • Check registrant against local watch list
  • Perform automatic online background check
  • Configure check in rules
  • Check people in and out in the background while performing other tasks
  • Display on-screen messages
  • Automatically update record fields after registration, check in, check out and badge printing
  • Capture and log additional data such as project, job and accounting codes during check in and out
  • Log time and attendance with exportable data capabilities
  • Create detailed reports and charts such as visitor history and facility usage
  • Link and manage multiple locations
  • Customize record screens, change colors and field order, create pull down lists, date fields and more
  • Capture photos using a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS, XSi, T1i or TWAIN / WIA compatible camera
  • Search for specific visitor or cardholder records from thousands of records using fexible search tools
  • Design cards and badges using the integrated card designer
  • Add text graphics, photos, 1D and 2D barcodes, magnetic stripes, watermarks and much more to the card design