CAT-3-1-INCH - Labelmate CAT-3 Label Rewinder

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Labelmate CAT-3 Label Rewinder

Weight: 54 lbs.

Part Type Rewinder

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Labelmate, CAT-3 For 25.4MM Diameter Core

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Labelmate CAT-3

Heavy Duty Label Rewinders

The CAT-3-Standard has a Fin-Style Core Holder. The CAT-3-ACH employs a adjustable core holder enabling the use of varying core sizes. The CAT-3-CHUCK includes a quick-locking "Quick-Chuck" Core Chuck permitting the fastest loading and unloading of cores and label rolls. With various core sizes, label widths, roll diameters and options to choose from there is a Rewinder to fit any job you may have.


The economical CAT-3-STANDARD Rewinder Series utilizes Fin-Style Core Holders for 3" diameter cores, and also affords the ability to rewind corelessly. These Rewinders provide a practical alternative/compliment to the CAT-3-CHUCK Rewinder Series.


The CAT-3-SPECIALTY Rewinder Series provides the ability to load and wind onto non-standard diameter cores through the use of Fin-Style and Adjustable Core Holders. The CAT-3-ACH allows you to wind on any core diameter between 1" - 4" as well as corelessly. The optional APG-CAT guide aligns the outer edge of the label roll as it's being rewound.


The CAT-3-CHUCK Rewinder Series affords the fastest loading and unloading of cores and label rolls, and is ideal for high-volume production environments, label slitting applications, or anywhere the ultimate convenience in Rewinders is desired.

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