PNL90206BC-183SMAM - Laird PNL9020 RFID Antenna
Laird PNL9020 RFID Antenna PNL90206BC-183SMAM
Laird PNL9020 RFID Antenna PNL90206BC-183SMAM
Laird PNL9020 RFID Antenna

Laird PNL9020 RFID Antenna

Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Region Global
Environment Indoor
Gain 6 dBi
Polarization Left Circular
Read Range Near Field
RFID Frequency UHF

Product Highlights

Left Circular Polarized, Near Field, operates in 865-928 Mhz range, 6 dBi gain, size 10.3 x 10.3 inch, SMA Male Connector

Laird RFID UHF Near Field Antennas

Laird RFID UHF near field antennas operates within  902-928 MHz and offers improved performance over many UHF near field antennas. Designed using proprietary software optimization tools these antennas provide uniform field strength across their entire aperture. There are no hot-spots or dead-spots ensuring reliable tag reading no matter where the tag is placed on the antenna surface. The design is also much less susceptible to detuning in the proximity of metallic objects or when a large number of tags are placed on the antenna for reading. Two configurations of the product are available. One is a dual port configuration that utilizes polarization diversity in order to provide operation in a dual mono-static mode. This antenna is ideal for use with multi-port readers. The other configuration is a single port antenna with circular polarization that can be used with either a single or multi-port reader. Each configuration is available with a choice of either side-entry or bottom-entry coaxial feed.


• Circular or dual polarization versions

• Choice of side-entry or bottom-entry coax feed

• Choice of 856 to 870 MHz or 902 to 928 MHz

• Choice of coaxial feed length and connector type

• Uniform field strength across entire antenna surface

• Immune to detuning in the proximity of metal

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