KB5000-BK - Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard

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Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard KB5000-BK
Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard KB5000-BK
Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard

Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard

SKU: KB5000-BK
Weight: 3.75 lbs.

Interface Keyboard Wedge
Color Black

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KB5000 Programmable Keyboard (66 Keys, Keyboard Wedge Interface, POS Layout and 2-Position Keylock) - Color: Black

Logic Control KB5000

Logic Controls KB5000 Programmable Keyboard


Speed and ease of use are two key elements for Point of Sale workstation design, and a Point of Sale layout keyboard such as the KB5000 is an important component of a well-designed workstation. The most frequently used keys - the numeric keys - are easily accessible and surrounded by the function keys used most often by the operator. The KB5000 is also available with a built-in MSR.

The KB5000 is one of the easiest and most programmable keyboards on the market. All 66 keys are programmable with multiple layers of definitions; all keys are relegendable and programmable. Using a powerful Windows-based programming utility that stores key definitions in a data file, an integrator can create a program layout that can be uploaded into multiple keyboards, rather than programming individually; key by key, keyboard by keyboard.

The KB5000 is built with only the highest quality components. It uses full travel tactile mechanical key switches, for example, instead of the less reliable membrane key switch technology used by its competitors. As a result, the KB5000 keys last longer than 10 million cycles. All units also receive full functional and quality control testing before leaving Bematech facilities.


  • 66 key Point of Sale layout keyboard
  • Optional built-in MSR
  • All 66 keys both programmable and relegendable
  • High quality, full travel mechanical key switches
  • Multiple layers of key definitions and shift levels
  • Includes powerful Windows-based programming utility software
  • Create program layout for multiple keyboards - programming utility saves templates in data files
  • Program up to 1800 characters per key and inter-character/inter-string time delays
  • Patented wedge port technology to daisy chain external keyboard devices
  • Programmable without special programming switches, programming kits, TSR programs or the need for internal batteries
  • Multiple interface options: PS2 (standard) or optional RS232C
  • Programmable keylock for layer selection
  • Spill resistant
MSRP: $295.00
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