21073131-MAGTEK-TGATE - MagTek iDynamo Secure Card Reader

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MagTek iDynamo Secure Card Reader 21073131-MAGTEK-TGATE
MagTek iDynamo Secure Card Reader 21073131-MAGTEK-TGATE
MagTek iDynamo Secure Card Reader

MagTek iDynamo Secure Card Reader

Weight: 1 lbs.

Magstripe Track 1,2,3
Reader Type Mobile
Interface USB

Product Highlights

MagTek, iDynamo 5, Lightning Connector, iOS Devices iPad 4, Iphone 5, iPad Mini, ETC

MagTek iDynamo

Mobile SCRAs for Banking

Mobile Secure Card Reader Authenticators

Financial Institutions can future-proof investments when they choose MagTek solutions. Protect your brand and enhance your customer experience with MagTek's mobile Secure Card Reader Authenticators (SCRAs). SCRAs connect to most mobile smart phones or tablets and can capture more data with a single swipe. SCRAs offer the flexible options customers need with a stable swipe path for ease-of-use. SCRAs deliver dynamic card authentication, data encryption, tokenization, and device/host authentication to protect customers from identity theft and card fraud by proactively identifying counterfeit cards. MagTek has you covered with the most dynamic and flexible solutions that deliver the configuration choices and reliability even the most discriminating customers know and trust.

Better stability for faster, easier transactions

MagTek's rugged and ergonomic SCRAs capture more data with a single swipe and offer the flexible options customers need for ease-of-use. SCRAs are designed to work in the field and provide a smooth, stable swipe path for reliable card reading that yield the highest read reliability on first pass.

Lobby service representative

Now financial institutions can bring multiple, low-cost, service terminals directly to customers increasing convenience and security. Customer's will be impressed by the use of technology to simplify their visit and provide faster and improved service. Representatives will enjoy the sturdy swipe path and intuitive, user-friendly devices.

QwickPAY brings added revenue

MagTek can be your partner and offer your business customers an easier way to accept mobile payments securely with QwickPAY. QwickPAY delivers a broad range of compatibility, allowing browser-based, iOS, and Android devices to evolve into highly secure payment systems. QwickPAY provides a payment processing platform, an account management system, a virtual terminal, reporting, encryption, card and device authentication, counterfeit card detection and card tokenization brought to you by MagTek, an industry leader in credit card and POS peripherals.

With the QwickPAY App, a merchant account, and SCRA, your business merchants can easily accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover and Qwick Codes payments from almost anywhere. This minimizes check handling, teller line transactions and reduces cash handling while creating new revenue streams.

We have experience partnering with processors and gateways. Call a representative to learn how MagTek can partner with your institution.

Secure mobile transactions

MagTek mobile secure card reader authenticators (SCRAs) use the MagneSafe Security Architecture (MSA). The MSA has evolved exponentially from its inception in 2006 when it delivered the industry's first SCRAs for secure electronic transactions. The MSA is a digital identification and authentication architecture that safeguards consumers and their personal data. Designed to exceed PCI regulations, MSA leverages strong encryption, secure tokenization, counterfeit detection, tamper recognition, data relevance and integrity, and dynamic digital transaction signatures, which together validate and protect the entire transaction and each of its components.

A key feature of the MSA is MagnePrint® card authentication, a patented, proven technology which reliably identifies counterfeit credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ATM cards and ID cards at the point of swipe, before fraud occurs. MSA's multi-layer security provides unmatched protection and flexibility for safer online transactions.