21073054 KAI - MagTek MagneSafe Mini Card Reader

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MagTek MagneSafe Mini Card Reader 21073054 KAI
MagTek MagneSafe Mini Card Reader 21073054 KAI
MagTek MagneSafe Mini Card Reader

MagTek MagneSafe Mini Card Reader

SKU: 21073054 KAI
Weight: 0.15 lbs.

Magstripe Track 1,2,3
Reader Type Mobile
Interface USB USB-A

Product Highlights

3 Tracks, USB Magnetic Stripe Reader, MagneSafe Mini Black

Mini Secure Card Reader

Effortlessly enhance the security of your retail card reader applications by adopting the MagneSafe Mini secure reader, which ensures encryption compliance with PCIDSS requirements. As a condensed iteration of the MagneSafe Full Size, this reader, with its traditional 100mm footprint, serves as the perfect device to safeguard cardholder data from various cards such as credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, ATM cards, and ID cards. With self-powering capabilities from the USB port of any PC or terminal, the MagneSafe Mini efficiently "future proofs" your environment by supporting both current retail applications and anticipated advanced security needs.


Designed for both reliability and easy installation, the MagneSafe Mini secure reader employs a security architecture that integrates MagnePrint® Card Authentication, Host/Reader Authentication, and Triple DEA Encryption. This combination makes it an ideal solution for retailers seeking PCI-DSS certification. The MagneSafe Mini maintains 100% interface compatibility with traditional MagTek magstripe readers, while also providing advanced security features like data encryption, card authentication, and device/host authentication that can be activated when heightened security is required. It serves as the perfect solution for environments aiming to "future proof" their platforms, ensuring long-term compatibility.


  • Provides clear text confirmation data including card holder’s name, expiration date, and a portion of the PAN as part of the Masked Track Data.
  • Supplies a dynamically generated 54 byte MagnePrint® value for card authentication.
  • Offers Authentication mode for use with Magensa decryption and authentication services.
  • Reads multiple tracks of card data and offers bi-directional card reading
  • Reads encoded magnetic cards that meet ANSI/ISO/AAMVA standards plus some custom formats.
  • Supports USB HID or USB keyboard emulation interfaces; no third party device driver is required.
  • USB powered - no external power supply required.
  • Provides Red/Green/Amber LED for status.
  • Includes a unique, non-changeable device serial number that allows tracking of reader usage.