22551002 - MagTek Mini MICR Check Reader [Keyboard Emulation]

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MagTek Mini MICR Check Reader [Keyboard Emulation] 22551002
MagTek Mini MICR Check Reader [Keyboard Emulation] 22551002
MagTek Mini MICR Check Reader [Keyboard Emulation]

MagTek Mini MICR Check Reader [Keyboard Emulation]

SKU: 22551002
Weight: 3 lbs.

Interface USB Keyboard Wedge
Features MSR MagStripe Reader

Product Highlights

MagTek, Mini MICR, 3 Track Magnetic Stripe Reader, MICRSafe USB Keyboard Wedge, Includes: Cable and Power Supply (64300118 and 22553301), Does Not Include Screws

Verify Checks, Credit and Debit Cards Instantly A The Point of Sale

MagTek's MICR Check and Card Readers introduce unparalleled ease, efficiency, and security to the retail counter. Across the globe, thousands of retailers are experiencing the advantages, swiftly guiding customers through checkout lines and instantly verifying checks and magnetic stripe cards at the point of sale. This not only expedites the process but also minimizes the risk of fraudulent check acceptance. With MagTek's technology, there are no delays and no errors resulting from manual character entry.


MagTek's MICR readers automatically and flawlessly handle the reading of checks, credit and debit cards, as well as driver's licenses. There are no nuances in alignment or placement that could lead to human error.


MagTek's MICR readers excel in processing checks under real-world conditions, ensuring the utmost accuracy in reading data and making decisions to accept or reject checks and credit cards. The capability to read driver's licenses provides an additional layer of protection by verifying customer identity.


Instantaneously capture information from checks, magnetic stripe cards, or driver's licenses and seamlessly transfer it to the host system. Your customers will value the efficient service and swift checkout experience. As a result, you'll reap the advantages on your bottom line, confidently and effortlessly accepting checks (with the appropriate host processing).


MagTek MICR readers withstand years of daily use at checkout, consistently reading every check with the same accuracy as the first. Proven through extensive use, our MICR readers are currently in service with major U.S. retailers, processing millions of checks daily and billions annually.

Check Reading and Imaging

  • Low Cost MICR check Reader
  • MSR model reads checks, ISO-standard magnetic stripe cards, and 1-,2-, and 3-track AAMVA driver's licenses.
  • Interfaces: IBM 4683/4693, NCR 7052 keyboard wedge, Hypercom Terminals, VeriFone Terminals, PC Keyboard Wedge.
  • Small footprint
  • Dimensions:
    1. Mini MICR: 6.0" long; 4.0" wide; 3.18" high
    2. Mini MICR with MSR: 6.0" long; 4.0" wide; 4.4" high