H22A-EN-K04 - Opticon H22 Mobile Computer

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Opticon H22 Mobile Computer H22A-EN-K04
Opticon H22 Mobile Computer H22A-EN-K04
Opticon H22 Mobile Computer

Opticon H22 Mobile Computer

SKU: H22A-EN-K04
Weight: 1.9 lbs.

Form Factor Phone-size
Scanner Type 1D Laser
Scan Range Standard
Operating System Windows Mobile
Interface Bluetooth 3G Cellular GPS Wireless LAN
IP Rating IP65
Durability Rugged
User Input Touchscreen 20-Key Numeric Keypad
Screen Resolution 480 x 640
Features Microphone Camera

Product Highlights

H22 Wireless Mobile Device (Kit, 1D, English, Numeric, RFID)

IP65 Rating
1D Barcodes

Opticon H22

Windows Mobile Terminal

Opticon introduces H22

Opticon presents new H22 with excellent reading and touch screen performance

The H22 uses the Microsoft Windows Mobile ® 6.5.3 platform, providing the latest technology for mobile applications. Users will be able to use functions and enterprise applications at any time – regardless of the location. The H22 is available with either an alpha-numeric layout or a complete QWERTY keypad.

The sharp 3.7" color display with touch screen is among the largest screens available for mobile terminals. It provides users with an extremely user friendly interface for any field worker application. The 3.2 megapixel color camera with auto focus and flash light supports visual information to any issue. Besides linear barcodes, the H22-2D model also reads 2D and stacked codes, both from traditional media (labels etc.) as well as from the screens of other mobile devices.

The mobile terminal scans in signatures and is able to produce a photographic record of an event or issue observed – vital functions for a successful field-based solution. As a result, the device that can be integrated seamlessly in applications and complex business processes is also particularly well suited for a variety of applications, not just logistics and courier services, field service and field sales, but also facility management and security services.

The built-in A-GPS module (Assisted Global Positioning System) ensures simple and extremely fast detection of the current location and thus accelerated positioning and navigation. With its rugged housing, the H22 can withstand multiple drops onto concrete from 1.5 meters as well as adverse environmental conditions with its IP 65 compliant design.

Other devices can easily be connected via an USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth 2.1 and IrDA 1.3. The H22 can also log on to any WiFi® network available via wireless LAN to connect to the local ERP system. With the WLAN and microphone support, the H22 can be used for voice over IP. A dedicated cradle with charging and communication features rounds off the set of features that the H22 offers.

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