FZ-SVTCHHDEP200 - Panasonic Edge Warranty

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Panasonic Edge Warranty FZ-SVTCHHDEP200
Panasonic Edge Warranty FZ-SVTCHHDEP200
Panasonic Edge Warranty

Panasonic Edge Warranty

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Panasonic Warranty, EDGE - Deployment at PNSCM. Includes single or dual sim installation, SD card installation (customer provided), installing tether, charging battery, asset tagging, MDM enrollment, and comprehensive deployment report. Following repair services, units will be re-provisioned prior to return to customer. Over 200 units (FZ-N1/FZ-T1/FZ-L1) Multi-shipping location.

Panasonic Service Contracts

We know many users of Panasonic devices need to be covered above and beyond the standard warranty. Mobile environments are harsh and constantly changing. We are able to help our customers minimize down time and maximize up time, with our additional service options. Call our expert staff or use our Online Chat for assistance in Service Contract selection for your Panasonic rugged tablet.

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