R2WA-G55WW-10-SSSRR - RFMAX GPS/5G/4G/LTE/WiFi Antenna

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RFMAX GPS/5G/4G/LTE/WiFi Antenna

RFMAX GPS/5G/4G/LTE/WiFi Antenna

Weight: 1 lbs.

Part Type Antenna
Interface 5G 4G GPS Wireless LAN
Environment Indoor

Product Highlights

RFMAX GPS + 2 x 5G/4G/LTE + 2 x Dual WiFi No Drilling- Adhesive Mount Antenna for Dashboard/Windshield. 10 ft Cable. MNF# R2WAG55WW10SSSRR

RFMAX Wedge Antennas

RFMAX Wedge Antennas are revolutionizing wireless communication with their innovative design and exceptional performance. These compact, wedge-shaped antennas are engineered to optimize signal strength and coverage in various applications. Whether it's industrial IoT, transportation, or smart cities, RFMAX Wedge Antennas ensure reliable and seamless data transmission. Their sleek form factor allows easy integration into diverse environments, while their advanced technology guarantees enhanced connectivity and reduced interference. Stay connected with the future - embrace RFMAX Wedge Antennas for unparalleled wireless efficiency.

R2WA-G55WW-10-SSSRR: No Drilling! Unit mounts using adhesive tape (included) with 3 x 10 foot RG174 cable & SMA male connector for the GPS and 5G (4G Backward compatible) line and  2 x 10 foot RG174 cable & RP SMA male connectors for WiFi line. Perfect for leased vehicles. This unit offers very high-performance, customers love using it with their ruggedized tablets, cellular modems, etc.  Black, 5 in 1 combination 5G/LTE/Cellular+GPS+WiFi covert strip style antenna for modems from the Sierra Wireless AirLink series (GX450, etc.) or Cradlepoint IBR series (IBR900, IBR1100, etc.) Operates at 5G/LTE/Cellular : 617-960/1700-2700 MHz, 1575.42 MHz GPS w/26 dB LNA and WiFi: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.

Blue heat Shrink = GPS Line, Red heat Shrink = 5G, Yellow heat Shrink = WiFi


Manufacturer Part Number R2WA-G55WW-10-SSSRR
Manufacturer RFMAX
Antenna Category Multi-Band (Cellular, WiFi, and/or GPS)
Working Frequency 617-2700 MHz (5G/4G/LTE)
Gain 2 dBi
Working Frequency 2 1575.42 (GPS)
Gain 2 26 dB (LNA Gain)
Working Frequency 3 2.4-2.5/4.9-6.0 GHz
Gain 3 2 dBi
Antenna Style "Wedge" Multi-Element Antenna
Polarity Linear
Bands Multi
Directional or Omni Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ohms
Max Input Power (W) 10
VSWR: < X: 1 2:01
Horizontal/Azimuth Beamwidth 360
Material Black ASA Plastic
Operating Temp (celsius) -40 to +85 C
Mount Style Adhesive
Color Black
Cable Type RG-174
Number of Cables 5
Cable Length (inches) 120
Includes Direct-Double Side Tape
IP Rating IPx7
OK for Outdoor Use No
Vehicular Yes
Ground Plane Required No
Product Condition New

The RFMAX R2WA-G55WW-10-SSSRR is a 5-in-1 combination antenna for active 3.3 or 5 volt GPS, 2 x Mimo 5G/4G/LTE and 2 x Dual WiFi. This unit is meant to be used when the typical roof mount antennas are not practical due to mounting considerations, or when there is a desire for the antenna to be "covert." The unit has adhesive for mounting the antenna to a dashboard, or windshield.  This unit is field tested, and provides great connectivity with the Cradlepoint IBR900, IBR1100, IBR600 as well as NTC-140W and Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 Cellular modems/gateways/routers.

  • No Drilling!  Excellent Choice for Leased Vehicles.
  • 5G/4G/LTE Cellular Frequencies: 617-960 & 1700-2700 Mhz
  • Cellular Antenna Gain: 2.5 dBi (2:1 VSWR)
  • GPS Frequency: 1575.42 MHz
  • GPS Antenna: LNA Gain: 26 db
  • WiFi Frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz
  • Small, Covert Size: L=7 x W=2 and T=2 Inches
  • Max Power: 10 Watts
  • Operating Temp: -40 to +85 C
  • Cables/Connectors: (3x) 10 foot RG174 wtih SMA Male, (2x) 10 foot RG174 wtih RP-SMA Male
  • The color code on each cable is based on the automotive standard for connectors: Bleu is GPS/GNSS, Red is cellular, Yellow is WiFi.
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