RBMM-WW-RR-12 - RFMAX "Brick" WiFi/WiFi6e Magnetic Mount Antenna For Forklifts

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RFMAX "Brick" WiFi/WiFi6e Magnetic Mount Antenna For Forklifts RBMM-WW-RR-12
RFMAX "Brick" WiFi/WiFi6e Magnetic Mount Antenna For Forklifts RBMM-WW-RR-12
RFMAX "Brick" WiFi/WiFi6e Magnetic Mount Antenna For Forklifts

RFMAX "Brick" WiFi/WiFi6e Magnetic Mount Antenna For Forklifts

Weight: 2 lbs.

Part Type Antenna
Interface Coaxial Wireless LAN
Environment Indoor/Outdoor

Product Highlights

RFMAX 2x2 MiMo WiFi & WiFi6e Magnetic Mount Antenna for forklifts 12 ft. Cables & RP-SMA Connectors MNF# RBMMWWRR12

RFMAX Multi Band "Brick" Antennas

RFMAX, a leader in professional-grade antenna design and production, brings you a breakthrough in wireless connectivity. RFMAX Multi Band Brick Antennas exemplify RFMAX commitment to excellence. With high performance and ultra-rugged construction, they meet the demands of commercial and industrial clients. Not only do they deliver exceptional signal strength and coverage, but their aesthetically neutral design seamlessly integrates into any environment. Pair them with RFMAX premium coaxial cables for an unbeatable wireless solution. Trust RFMAX for cutting-edge technology that's priced right.

The RFMAX RBMM-WW-RR-12 is an external mag-mount antenna with dual WiFi elements for MiMo connectivity. This model is optimized for use with rugged, vehicle-mounted computers on forklifts, yard trucks, cranes, etc. This model has 12-foot cables and RP SMA-Male connectors. Approved for Zebra: VC80, VC80x, VC8300, etc. This model comes with SMA Male installed connectors on the cable and SMA to RP SMA adapter.

This part is equivalent to Panasonic part# ARB-APWWMS22-RP-BL. Looking for ARB-BWCBLANT-BLB use this antenna with RSMRA-SSF adapter


Manufacturer Part Number RBMM-WW-RR-12
Manufacturer RFMAX
Antenna Category WiFi (2.4 & 5.0 GHz)
Working Frequency 600-6000 MHz
Gain 1.5 dBi @ 617-960 MHz
Gain 2 4.5 dBi @ 1710-2690 MHz
Gain 3 6.3 dBi @ 5150-5925 MHz
Antenna Style "Brick" Multi-Element Antenna
Polarity Linear
Bands Multi
Directional or Omni Omnidirectional
Impedance 50 Ohm
VSWR: < X: 1 <2:1
Horizontal/Azimuth Beamwidth 360
Plenum/Fire Rating UL-94
No Of Elements 2
Cable Length - PT195 12 Feet
Height/Length (inches) 7.9
Height/Length (mm) 202
Width (inches) 3.4
Width (mm) 88
Thickness/Diameter (inches) 1.8
Thickness/Diameter (mm) 45
Weight (lbs) 2
Material UV Stable, UL94 Radome
Operating Temp (celsius) -40 to +85 C
Mount Style Magnetic Mount
Color Black
Cable Type LMR195
Number of Cables 2
Cable Length (inches) 144
Connector 1 RP SMA-Male
Connector 2 RP SMA-Male
IP Rating IP65
Vehicular Yes
Ground Plane Required no
Product Condition New

RFMAX "Brick" Antenna Size: 7.9 x 3.4 x 1.8 Inches Same footprint as Antenna Plus, but lower profile Elements: Dual WiFi, WiFi6 High Gain at all frequencies for maximum connection speeds Designed for Indoor or Outdoor Installations (IP65 rated) Easy to install Magnetic Mounting, Rugged & Vandal Resistant
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