WWCT03041-NAR - SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

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SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] WWCT03041-NAR
SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] WWCT03041-NAR
SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] WWCT03041-NAR
SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] WWCT03041-NAR
SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] WWCT03041-NAR
SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet] WWCT03041-NAR
SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

SATO CT4-LX TT Printer [203dpi, Ethernet]

Weight: 8 lbs.

Printer Type Desktop
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
Interface USB Ethernet USB-B USB-A
dpi (dots per inch) 203dpi
Printer Options LCD Display Real-Time Clock
Max Media Width 4.0-4.9 inch

Product Highlights

Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Barcode Printer, 4.09-Inch Media Width, 203 DPI, 8-Inches Per Second, USB, Ethernet, Real Time Clock Includes: Full Color Touchscreen

Prints both
Thermal Transfer and
Direct Thermal

Frequently Bought Together


Intelligent Label Printer

The CT4-LX is Sato's newest intelligent label printer. It allows for the development of customer driven apps eliminating the need for external devices. This new four-inch thermal printer delivers fast print speeds and set of unique features that set it apart from the competition. The CT4-LX Series of barcode printers features USB, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and Ethernet as the standard connectivity options and an optional serial interface.

The CT4-LX thermal desktop printer seamlessly combines intelligence, functionality and performance. Standard features include the full-color touch display, multiple connectivity options, existing application support, and on-board videos. Setup, operation, and maintenance is just a touch away.


Not just a passive label printer, the CT4-LX is an interactive smart printer featuring a 4.3" touchscreen display. It can enhance business by supporting existing applications and operations with features such as AEP (Application Enabled Printing) and automatic emulation switching. Intelligence in the printer allows users to print labels without a PC by connecting to a number of peripherals.

Features and Benefits

  • 4.3-Inch full-color touchscreen for enhanced menu navigation
  • Configurable Media Profiles
    •    Media Type, Print Method, Sensor Type
    •    Label Waste Prevention
    •    Sensor Auto Calibration
    •    Print Speed, Print Density
    •    RFID Settings
  • UHF SRA (Sato RF Analyze)
  • Remote Management with SATO's SOS
  • Connectivity for Apple iOS
  • Quick Pairing with NFC Enabled Devices
  • SATO AEP (Application Enabled Printing)
  • Auto Clone
    •    Clone Synchronization - USB
  • High Print Speed
    •    8 Inches Per Second at 203 DPI
    •    6 Inches Per Second at 305 DPI
  • Label Waste Prevention
    •    Eliminates First Label Waste
  • Transparent media window for easy media monitoring
  • Compact Footprint
    •    Fits in Small Spaces and Carts
  • External media access for fan-fold support or external unwinder
  • Cutter and Dispenser Options
  • 20% smaller frame size than comparable printers on the market
  • Security cable slot for theft prevention
  • One-touch replaceable print head
  • Recessed interface ports on the rear of the printer to keep cords secure

What is Application Enabled Printing?

AEP Works software enables you to quickly and easily design label formats using a WYSIWYG GUI to develop a full-fledged applications for data manipulation to streamline the label printing process. By simply connecting peripheral devices to a SATO printer, the operator has the ability to accept input from devices; barcode scanners, weigh scales, or full-size QWERTY keyboards. The printer-resident application, based on open source LUA scripting language, allows you to process received data and performing numerous functions such as updating a remote database or lookup table, prompting the printer operator to enter additional data on an attached keyboard, and produce on-demand labels.