WWFX31221-WLN - SATO FX3-LX DT Printer [300dpi, WiFi, Linerless Platen]

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SATO FX3-LX DT Printer [300dpi, WiFi, Linerless Platen]

Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Printer Type Desktop Mobile
Print Technology Direct Thermal Only
Interface Bluetooth USB NFC Wireless LAN USB-A USB-B
dpi (dots per inch) 300dpi
Core Size 1.00 inch
Printer Options Linerless Platen
Max Media Width 3.0-3.9 inch

Product Highlights

Direct Thermal Only, 305 DPI, USB, WLAN/Bluetooth, NFC, Linerless, SBPL, SZPL, SDPL, SIPL, STCL, SEPL

Direct Thermal Only


All-In-One Smart Label Printer

An intuitive all-in-one label printer that seamlessly adapts to your business

Smart, Programmable, Independent, the versatile FX3-LX may be used as a desktop-resident or mounted printer, or anywhere throughout your operation for standalone label printing applications.

SATO's AEP (Application Enabled Printing) programming platform allows the rapid development of unique, business-driven print solutions and user interface. Create custom and intuitive touchscreen prompts that best fulfill your unique requirements.

The FX3-LX interactive 7-inch full-color touchscreen interface makes operation simple and easy. With its video playback feature, this can eliminate extensive training of your staff on its processes and procedures as well as basic printer functionality or troubleshooting.

Features and Benefits

  • The 7” full color, smart touchscreen interface makes operation simple and intuitive, eliminating the need for extensive training and external control devices
  • The battery operation option allows for hours of mobile use, creating the flexibility to use throughout the user environment
  • AEP Works’ saves users time and money by facilitating the rapid development of custom applications
  • Wireless connectivity, together with AEP (Application Enabled Printing) software allows freedom of mobility to work where needed
  • The robust all-in-one design features wall mounting capabilities and a center-positioned handle, creating maximum adaptability and user manageability
  • Easily connects to scanners, scales, keyboards and other devices to increase data entry accuracy

What is Application Enabled Printing?

AEP Works software enables you to quickly and easily design label formats using a WYSIWYG GUI to develop a full-fledged applications for data manipulation to streamline the label printing process. By simply connecting peripheral devices to a SATO printer, the operator has the ability to accept input from devices; barcode scanners, weigh scales, or full-size QWERTY keyboards. The printer-resident application, based on open source LUA scripting language, allows you to process received data and performing numerous functions such as updating a remote database or lookup table, prompting the printer operator to enter additional data on an attached keyboard, and produce on-demand labels.