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RFID Project Management

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Our project management advanced services can provide process analysis, site analysis, installation and a guarantee of system performance. Our RFID transfer utilities will connect RFID data to any ERP system or stand alone as a complete RFID solution.

RFID Project Steps

We follow this series of steps to guarantee your RFID system work:

  • Business analysis and consultation with your project team
  • Site survey and tag testing
  • Hardware and software (middleware) selection
  • Solution design
  • Proof of concept
  • Installation
  • Software integration of RFID data entry to your ERP system
  • Stand-alone RFID systems with custom reporting
  • Ongoing support, monitoring and upgrade of RFID systems

RFID Solutions Include:
  • RFID handheld applications - Reduce time required to gather inventory data, provide lookup and locate functionality and enable data management via mobile device.
  • RFID fixed reader - Enable automated data collection that provides real-time decision support information for compliance, validation, tracking and inventory accuracy.
  • RFID data and business analytics - Aggregate, filter and process RFID data per customer-defined business rules, and benefit from dashboard, custom reporting and event notifications to give customers actionable information.
  • RFID automated configuration - Simplify deployments and maintenance through automated application configuration and management, remote monitoring and debugging.
  • RFID API's and interfaces - APIs and interfaces enable advanced customization and integration to support existing system integration requirements.

RFID Testing

One of the best ways to experiment with RFID at your location is to purchase an RFID Lab Kit. For a free recommendation, call us at 888-237-8525.

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