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Systems integration can be an extremely time-consuming, complicated and frustrating process, especially ahead of a critical IT deployment.  We leverage our national presence to provide expert staging and integration services for BarcodeFactory deployment projects requiring schedule-based consolidation of multi-vendor components.

Regional Staging Centers-  We expertly manage both the logistics and integration sides of your project. Based on the geographic reach of your rollout, BarcodeFactory will choose one or multiple locations to receive inventory, integrate hardware, image software, execute end-to-end testing and prepare for deployment.

Integration & Consolidation-  IT solutions often contain hardware and software components from various suppliers. We bring all your components together with our equipment and software experts. We are trained and certified on your specific system components and will manage the staging and configuration processes.

System Functionality Assurance-  Once integration, customization and imaging is complete, end-to-end testing is conducted to ensure that our installation professionals will have the customer’s equipment working to exact specifications in stores, plants and facilities on schedule.

Certified Staging Professionals-  BarcodeFactory staging professionals are expert in the thorough and meticulous Staging & Configuration Protocol (SCP), guaranteeing adherence to your exacting specifications.


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