Wireless Site Surveys

The future is all about connectivity

Our world has been transformed by the extraordinary rise in wireless network capabilities. From single-facility data collection requirements, to the sophisticated networking of mobility devices, BarcodeFactory has the experience to optimize your wireless environment.

Site Surveys

State-of-the-art AirMagnet technology and industry-leading techniques are the methods used in conducting comprehensive wireless site surveys. Signal strengths, access point locations, RF interference, equipment requirements and all other key components of a 99.999% available wireless network design are collected and included in our delineated WSS report. A site survey will address your environmental factors that can impact your wireless coverage.

We offer a network of over 600 professionals to provide site surveys and installation services.

Detailed Hardware Requirements for Budget Allocation

The site survey reports a complete breakdown of the hardware required to achieve a successful wireless network. We provide a complete analysis and a list of all hardware and cabling required for budget allocation. We conduct a survey with any wireless manufacturer's hardware in mind which is essential for the network design.

Wireless surveys display and record information from all key areas of a wireless network including received signal strengths, access point locations, RF interference and noise levels. This information allows us to report optimized locations access points, antenna's, AP transmit power levels and locations creating a more effective wireless network.

Spectrum Analysis / RF Interference

A spectrum analysis includes the detection, measurement and recording of RF Interference. This interference could degrade the performance of your wireless network. Interference can be caused by legacy devices, microwaves, Bluetooth and other wireless devices. All can impact a wireless network.

We Measure:
  • RF Interference
  • Measurement of SNR
  • RF power peaks
  • Wi-Fi Channel interference
  • Wi-Fi Channel Overlap

Wireless site surveys include the following:
  • Detect, measure and record the presence of RF Interference that could degrade performance of a wireless network
  • Calculate the Wi-Fi supported data rates that can be expected throughout the premises
  • Define access point locations
  • Define wireless bridge locations
  • Determine antenna's and other wireless equipment requirements
  • Co-location of Wi-Fi access points with channel selection and reuse.
  • Information such as; antenna selection, orientation and polarization.
  • Identify signs of, reflection, refraction, multi-path, hidden nodes, dead spots.

Prior to your onsite visit, we will provide a quotation for time and materials for the survey. Contact us for a fast estimate.
Post Installation Wi-Fi Survey

The post installation Wi-Fi survey proves the wireless design meets your requirements. Often times the environment that has been surveyed and installed, does not match your real-life conditions, which could include racks and products that are in place post installation. We provide post wireless verification using AirMagnet Survey PRO, which shows you the Wi-Fi coverage of each wireless access point. Performing the post installation survey can be part of our total package.

If you would like more information about a post installation Wi-Fi survey, please contact us.
Off Site Consulting Survey

If an onsite visit is not possible, we offer a Consultation Site Survey based on a series of calls with our experts who use your site drawings to make recommendations for the transceivers' optimal positioning for adequate RF propagation.