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When you need instant brand recognition to engage consumers, look no further than BarcodeFactory.  Stand out among your competitors and bring your brand identity to life. We offer a competitive advantage with a wide variety of technologies to bring your labels from design to market place success. Contact us to tell us about your project. 

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We Start with Your Product
The material, storage, distribution, customer handling and life-span of your product are all considered when we produce a label for you. If you are going to print a barcode onto the label it requires a thermal coating. You can't see it, but if it's not there you can't print a barcode on it. Is your container reusable? Do you need a removable adhesive? Does your label have to be permanent, rugged and stand up to weather? We help you make a product label that is prefect for your application. 

custom product labels

Some of our customers require millions of label per year. Keeping this in mind we created a 3 color (not full color) label that can be printed on rolls using a Flexographic printing process. The cost per label comes out to tenths of a penny. Other customers need one thousand each of 20 different lots. New digital printing processes allow for photographic quaity images that have custom die-cut shapes. Custom shrink sleeves for cans or plastic bottles are also an economical answer for large quantities.

Applying the Label
Applying the label to your products can be manual or automatic. Our labels are on standard 3 inch cores wound out to your specifications and made to match your automatic labeling process. Many manufactureres use auto-applying machines to help automatically dispense and apply labels one-at-a-time. For more information see our line Label Handling Equipment. Other alternative applicators include glue machines that apply a cut-to-size label onto a metal tin or bottle using a rubber cement adhesive. This process can save you the cost of printing on label material. This process is used quite often in tin can applications. Call us for more information 888-237-8525.

Graphic Development and Color Management
A critical step in producing a label is that the label is attractive and readable. Our graphics department receives art you supply from your designer or agency and confirms that it is print-ready. Our art department has over 30 years of label design experience and can create a label from logo development to finished art including photography. 

Specialty Labels
While every label is special to us, there are unique situations that require special adhesives, materials and even government specifications. We have you covered!
Some of our Specialty Labels:

  • Clambshell inserts, labels or tags with custom die-cuts
  • Dissolvable labels for your green-friendly products
  • Hang Tags, folded with hang holes for bagged products
  • Multipart labels for pharmaceutical products
  • Clear pressure-sensitive labels
  • Silk-screened labels for ultra-durability
  • High-temperature labels
  • Labels for rubber tires
  • Holographic labels with security features
  • Metal foil labels and much more

Barcode Factory, a Paragon Print Systems, Inc. Company is committed to providing our clients with the very best Product and Pricing in all our label applications. Since 1994, Paragon has offered clients worldwide with cutting edge technology designed to improved productivity and reduce operational cost. Contact us to discuss your application.