Food and Beverage Security Labels
Tamper-evident and Security labels for consumer safety

Health and Safety is the concern today for all businesses in the food industry. For label companies, packagers and manufacturers, maintaining a safe and proper supply chain continues to be a top priority, especially when it comes to the production and distribution of food.

While delivery and take-out continue to be in high demand in the food industry, both restaurants and consumers have increased concerns about food security during the delivery process. These concerns couldn’t be more pressing than during these unprecedented times of COVID-19. Businesses in the food and beverage industry have a lot on their plate by maintaining basic food safety conditions and ensuring employees and consumers remain healthy.

Custom security labels used on delivered food and beverages can reassure consumers that each order and food item has remained untouched while in transit from your customer’s door to theirs.


Types of Security/Tamper-Evident Labels for Food and Beverage- The unique labels are convenient and permanent with different features to show if a product has been tampered with before making it to the final recipient.

Die cuts: This type of label is constructed using a lightweight paper face-stock with an aggressive permanent adhesive. A special tamper-proof tool is used to create small slits (or a pattern) across the label as it’s applied to the product. Once the label is applied, any attempt at removing it would be apparent as the label would break apart at the slits and come off in small shreds, leaving an incomplete label on the product.

Destructible Vinyl: Destructible vinyl labels are constructed with materials that tear off in small pieces once applied to the product. These types of labels are constructed with materials that cause irreparable damage when attempted to be removed.

VOID Patterns: Security labels containing a void pattern are constructed with an adhesive that will leave a “VOID” mark on the product when the label is removed. Leaving behind evidence that the product was tampered with.

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