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Glue Apply Labels

A money saving alternative to a traditional label is to print simple color cut-sheets. Adhering the label can then be done with a heated glue mixture. This label alternative has become very popular with tin candle wrap labels, craft soap bars and more. It is also used on large labels that are applied to five or one-gallon buckets. BarcodeFactory manufacturers full color sheets for hot glue application, using any make or model hot glue applicator. Our label sheets are available in matte, gloss or semi-gloss and in small or large quantity volume. Pay no plate or set-up charges with our tremendous digital print capabilities.

Glue Label Applicators

Labeling machines are the ultimate in versatility whether you have pressure-sensitive or plain paper labels. They provide an economical method for labeling short runs with ease and accuracy. Barcode Factory offers automatic glue application machines for many sizes of cylindrical containers. We can offer full testing of your hot glue label sheets in advance to ensure your project will run smoothly. BarcodeFactory will test the product on your packaging or container, and determine exact output per minute. Contact us for pricing and details.

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