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Label & Tag Materials for Furniture & Wood Products
Labels for all types of wood products

Fine Wood Furniture Labels are used in multiple forms when it comes to production of wood furniture. Internally, wood manufacturers use barcode labels with removable adhesive to track their work in progress and on products delivered to distributors, to void messy glue residue. Finished wood furniture will require a permanent signature, or nameplate, label or metal plate. They may also require temporary removable identification and price labels.

The best answer to this combination of labels can be found at Barcode Factory. Thermal printers and stock of custom thermal labels in paper or synthetic provide crisp clean identification, printable on demand. Furniture labels may also have to meet American National Standards (ANSI) and or The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards. Barcode Factory can provide label material specifications that meet your requirements.

Contact the experts of Barcode Factory for pricing on your project. We offer economical test orders, samples, a full graphics art department for assistance in design and professionals in thermal printing equipment.

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