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Production Labels and Metal Name Plates

Metal plates for ultra-durable labeling

When a synthetic or paper label is not durable enough an aluminum plate may be your answer. These metal plates can be embossed or laser etched for permanent labels that can be bolted to the piece of equipment. Metal plates are also capable of being heated to over 500°F. The most common color is black on a silver plate, however limited colors are also available.

High-Temperature & Caustic Environments

Choose from a wide variety of base materials from stainless steel, aluminum, brass and photo-metal. High-temperature and caustic environments are no problem for these labels.

  • Stainless Steel: Etched or screen printed in multiple colors, available in thicknesses from .012 to .125"
  • Aluminum: Thickness availability ranges from .003" to .250"
  • Brass: Brass nameplates offer a classic finish that is aesthetically pleasing. Widely used in cosmetic applications such as retail displays, building identification and logo signage. Available in thicknesses ranging from .020" to .125", brass is also a favorite in the military, marine, and general industrial markets.
  • Photo-metal: Photo-metal is photosensitive anodized aluminum, also referred to as photo anodized aluminum. This provides a silver halite image that is permanently sealed within the anode layer, making it resistant to chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray and UV.

Unique Identification (UID)

UID is a part identifier containing data for tracking items throughout their life cycle. Data such as enterprise identification classifies the manufacturer, supplier, depot, program management office or third party and is assigned by a registered issuing agency. (i.e, DUNS Number, UCC, Cage Number). The identifier and its corresponding serial number eliminate any possibility of duplicate numbers and provide permanent identification.

Businesses worldwide trust us for their nameplates, decals and industrial marking needs. We offer value added services, from concept to design, to finished product. Let us help you find the right product for your industrial marking application.

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