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Twofer Shelf Labels

A patented two-sided back-to-back shelf label

Back-to-Back Labels are two printed face-stocks adhered back-to-back with an alternating adhesive and release pattern, so there is no liner. Labels are printed on both sides, using the other side as its liner. Shelf label talkers only require adhesive on the top portion. Printing the labels back-to-back removes the need for a liner. These digitally printed, four color labels are less expensive to print and use half the ecological footprint. Available in multiple face-stocks with permanent, removable and or freezer adhesives.

  • Digital and durable full color labels
  • No liner saves cost and reduces waste
  • Freezer and repositionable adhesives make application a snap
  • Multiple small runs, perfect for digital printing
  • Variable print
  • Available in rolls or sheets
Lower Cost
  • Twice the product per pound
  • Half the labels to peel and apply reduces labor cost
  • Half the weight reduces shipping costs
Half the Eco-Footprint
  • Two recyclable paper-based shelf tag labels, without the liner
  • Eco-friendly paper tags that provide film-like performance
  • Achieve your sustainability goals
  • No landfill waste when the shelf talkers are discarded

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